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Blue & White For The Tree

This year when I was planning out our trees (dining room + den) I knew I wanted to add blue and white pieces to both.  I didn't want solid navy or solid white ornaments, I wanted something perfectly chinoiserie.  I have a small collection of hand painted ornaments I wanted to use and expand on so both of our trees would feel similar even though in theory they are very different.  I started doing some research for myself and found such great options I knew I wanted to share.  Once I started down the rabbit hole of great blue and white ornaments I knew I would be writing this post and I am super excited to share it today.  Whether you are wanting just an ornament or two or a whole tree I have great options for you.

It started with these amazing ornaments from Frontgate and then I discovered this set as well and then this set and then the road became super slippery.  I found such great things for you, all of which I love and I think you will too.  One of my favorite sources I do not have links for ... but you can shop them here and I highly recommend you do.  Tina has an incredible selection!  I mean ... blue and white pups?  Oh yes please!  And her prices are fabulous!

I found a number of them you can shop ... with a variety of prices and all of them I think perfect for either a blue and white tree or for you to add a few to your existing tree!

Happy Wednesday! 

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