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Christmas Crafted Cocktails

I love serving a special drink when we have guests.  Sometimes I make punch and sometimes it is individually crafted cocktails but both are so fun to create and serve when you have people in your home.  For me it feels special and it is a treat for the friends and family we have invited in to spend time with us. Often times I will get emails and texts after asking how for recipes which makes it even more special to me.  I made an impression on them and made them feel special enough to want to make it again for others.

This year I have been playing with combining orange and cranberry juices with other ingredients and have come up with two cocktails I am excited to share with you.  The best part about both of these bases is that you can mix any sort of spirit with them, anything from champagne to bourbon and they taste amazing.  Since our friends have a variety of tastes I make the base of the cocktail and then ask them how they take it ... and each of them has perfectly crafted cocktail for them.

Doesn't that sound perfect?

I have two recipes to share and each is similar, but yet different.

The first ... (pictured above)

Combine equal parts orange juice + cranberry juice in a pitcher to reach the halfway point and add 1/2 cup St. Germain.  If you prefer more elder flower flavor you can always add more. Add in a half bag of frozen cranberries and set aside sprigs of rosemary to garnish once you have paired the base with your guests request for spirit.  My favorite additions ... bourbon, Cathead Honeysuckle vodka, and prosecco.  Make sure each cocktail gets a few frozen cranberries.

 The second ... 

Combine equal parts orange juice + cranberry juice in a pitcher to reach the halfway point and add in two bottles of ginger beer.  I prefer a ginger beer on the spicier side (Trader Joes makes a perfect one this time of year) . Add in two heavy splashes of Domaine de Canton.  Once you pour your base into the glass and add in the spirit of choice for your guest garnish it with a slice of orange + lime.  If you love candied ginger as much as I do this would be an amazing addition as well.  I can't get enough ginger in my world.

Either of these will work in any holiday glass you have ... I have recently started collecting Spode glasses + just bought new wine glasses so I used one of mine for the cocktail but it looks just as amazing in my fun Candy Cane cups from Emily McCarthy.  (Our new wine glasses are Kate Spade Larabee Dot and I have linked some stemless glasses plus some similar ones for you.)  I also love a swizzle stick ... these collection is a combination of Sweet Caroline Designs + monogram ones.

And, as always pair it with a fun napkin!


Photos by Angie Webb Creative


  1. Your bar is just beautiful! I, too, have a bar but it is for after-dinner drinks, cordials, etc. I need to get more St. Germaine - its just wonderful with grapefruit juice! I'll be sure to stop by for one!

  2. The cocktails sound delicious so will definitely try them. Can you tell me where you got the 12 Days of Christmas glasses?

  3. These cocktails sound delicious. Can you tell me where you got the 12 days of Christmas glasses?

  4. Where did you buy the 12 days of Christmas glasses?



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