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All The Christmas Joy ...

So I may have over decorated for Christmas this year, but I couldn't be happier that I did.  With the extra time at home after my husband came home from the hospital + decorating earlier than ever this year I found it was easier to get more done.  I love our home decorated for Christmas and now that it is all decorated and the boxes are put away again I am truly just soaking up all the goodness each and every day.  I am greeted each morning with the lights from the tree as I walk downstairs and it the joy just keeps flowing as I walk to the kitchen each morning. I think it truly feels like we live in a little gingerbread house ... and I could not love it more.

As I said in this post about our den I love being a part of blogger home tours for Christmas.  Partnering with so many talented and kind bloggers is such a wonderful part of blogging in December.  Today I am part of It's A Colorful Life Christmas Tour organized by Dimples & Tangles + Jeweled Interiors.  Jennifer and Jewel are two incredibly talented and amazing bloggers and the moment they ask I always say yes!!!  If you are new to my blog I can not say welcome enough ... I hope you love what you see and come back for more.  This blog is such an inspiration to me and I hope will be to you as well.

You just toured the amazing home of Heathered Nest and I think it is truly magical.  But ... doesn't even home shine at Christmas!  Ps ... Heather is just darling, don't you think?

Here you go ... a glimpse into our home this Christmas.  

Here is a sneak peek of the den ... for all the details of the den, check out this post.

And the rest of our home ... I have been collecting Christmas decorations for years and I love pulling out some of our favorite things each year.  What I love most is when I pull out the boxes and the kids talk about their memories of seeing ornaments and little things.  I started collecting vintage ornaments maybe ten years ago and I am completely addicted to their details and colors.  My favorite things to add to our home are vintage ornaments, vintage wreaths, fresh wreaths, ribbon (so many ribbons + bows), beads, bottle brush trees, needlepoint stockings ... I could go on and on.

I love starting with our foyer ... it is the first thing you see when you come in the front (duh, right?) and I love adding garland to display all the Christmas cards that come along with adding a candle to make the first thing you notice when you come in is an amazing smell of Christmas!

Then the kitchen, the heart of the home, right?  This year I used some of our nutcracker collection along with all the plaid.  I am truly a huge fan of plaid ... all the plaids please + thank you!  This year I also began collecting Spode Christmas Tree plates and glasses and I have to admit I am really excited about it.  It started with finding four glasses in an antique store and then stumbling onto six bread plates and now I have two dinner plates as well.  I really love how they mix with our blue and white plates and are super special for Christmas.  I envision the kids asking for them one day from me and having enough to split between them just as we have enough blue and white dishes to do the same. 🤶

Cocoa ... I think coffee and hot cocoa is the fuel for our family for the cold months.  I set up a hot cocoa bar the second it gets chilly and it stays way into February with some small changes.  I love seeing our guests make to go cups of cocoa for their ride home.  You can read all the details of our cocoa bar here. I think setting up the cocoa bar helps get me in the winter spirit which is hard since I love summer the most!  This year I added one of our nutcrackers ... the one that counts down to Christmas.  I really love changing the cubes each morning.  I will say I felt judged by him because you can't do anything larger than 30 and I got him out super early.  😅

Isn't he darling? We have been collecting nutcrackers every single year of our marriage and this year we bought our 24th.  I love it the most ... it has a pup with it which is just precious. 🐕

You can read all about making a yummy cocktail like this one in yesterday's blog post.  I made the base and to the juices I added club soda and the garnish.  Perfect for breakfast and tastes just as amazing!

I take my hot cocoa with whipped cream and all the sprinkles please!

Our dining room ... this year I put a full sized flocked tree and I am really happy I did.  I wanted to mix plaid with blue + white and I think it is the best one I have created.  I used a number of ornaments plus some of my antique blue and white coffee cups to add to the vintage charm.  We have this tree and it is really, really an amazing tree. Oh, and in my humble opinion I think the tree topper is the best out there!

Our gingerbread house was hand made for us last year by my friend Jennifer and it is just as incredible this year as it was when she brought it to us.  It still smells amazing and the details are sooo good.  I had it on the side chest all year and then added some snow and moved it to the table.  I just love it. 🎄

If you wish to shop the stunning ornaments I found for our tree ... I have linked them all below.  There are so many great blue and white options and I always add a simple bow to each one.  Why? Because I think why not!

I think my favorite place to be in the house is in the den in front of the fire.  It has been so wet and chilly and the fire is the only place I truly feel warm and cozy.  With the extra weeks at home it was easy to sit with Nathan in the den and watch movies while he was healing and now it just seems to be my favorite spot in the whole house.  This bench is the perfect spot to sit and warm up and to set up our s'mores.  I love a good s'more and since we have a wood burning fireplace it is the best place to roast a marshmallow.  I am currently working on a post talking about all things s'mores coming next week.  My favorite is to add a piece of peppermint bark instead of regular chocolate.  It is the yummiest treat and perfect for Christmas! 🍫

A little tip for your tree ... treat your house to a magic wand to turn your tree on and off.  It is perfect for young kids, grand kids and, I think ... me!  I really love using ours.  🎉

If you could all stop over I would treat you to coffee or hot cocoa and some yummy homemade cookies ... aren't these stunning?  I did not make them, they were a gift, but I can tell you they are incredible and I wish I could share one with each of you! 🍪 And please know showing up in Christmas pajamas is welcomed at all hours!

Thank you all for coming over ... I hope you are inspired to add even more to your home this year, I know I have.  It is truly the most magical time of the year!  Please enjoy the rest of the incredible bloggers on the tour ... their homes are really so beautiful!  As you can see below I am the last home ... so grab a big cup of coffee and enjoy the goodness!  




Happy Wednesday!  

All images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. Paige, I just want to come live in your house and stare at all of your pretties all day long! Beautiful job, friend. Your house is the perfect festive Christmas home, and I know you have a lot to celebrate this year!



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