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Pulling Together The Most Needed Gifts

The Santa is holding the little blocks with numbers and every single morning the numbers dwindle down and now it is only 8 days until Christmas.  Anyone else feeling some pressure?  For me its the little gifts, the teacher or carpool mother or the friend from the children's school that always slips me up.  I try to keep a number of easy to create gifts on hand for these exact moments and I am happy to share my tips and tricks with you.  To make a gift for someone you don't need to over complicate it or make it super extra to be perfect and darling and so well loved.  I hope I inspire you and help you with the last minute gifts that are most definitely the most needed when you haven't thought of them. 🎄

I keep a few things on hand at all times to make sure I can pull together gifts at a moments notice.  I always have cello bags (this size + this size), colored shred (baby blue, green, and pink), raffia (so many colors), and a selection of ribbon to be able to wrap some happies.  I have found this is the perfect combination for me.  When you order shred ... do not order a large box unless you use it on a daily basis.  I have had the three colors I have for the last six plus years and still have a ton left.  The boxes contain so much shredded paper.  If you do need it daily you will love the deal.

I have a number of ideas for you ... all that can be purchased and added to and pulled together really quickly, even the night before. I have written out each of the ideas for you, along with some photos to help you with a visual.  I can promise you, the simple gifts are the easiest to give and the most well received.

I truly love these types of gifts. 

I purchased almost everything I needed to make these gifts in one of three places ... Target, HomeGoods, my grocery store + Natalie Chang.  Four easy shops and I can create so many things ... and have a few extras to keep just in case I forgot someone or get a last invitation for drinks or coffee and need a hostess gift.  My other last minute go to is always Amazon ... I have included a number of things below that you can order and keep in your gift closet or wrap up for a special holiday happy! 🤶

My go to ideas ... 

Coffee cup + K Cups (coffee or hot chocolate) ... I found two of these cups at HomeGoods and this is a great source for a single mug or three!  One of my favorite things I have found recently are Spode blue and white coffee cups with saucers!

Guest Towels + Holiday Bar Soap ... I found mine at HomeGoods (towels come in a set of 2)
image above

Paper Guest Towels + Holder ... this one is a clear acrylic one but better ones are linked below

Holiday Napkins + Spreader ... HomeGoods for spreaders (usually come in a set of 4 to divide up)

To Go Coffee Cups + hot cocoa pack + marshmallows ... amazing for friends with kids!

Candle + Matches ... one of my favorite things to gift (these candles are soy wax)

Cocktail Napkins + Holder ... the holder can be used again and again

Savory Shortbread (I found it in Trader Joes) placed in my own bag and tied with a fabulous ribbon

A favorite spirit (theirs, not yours) tied with a fun plaid ribbon + adorned with a small tree

Fresh wreath + bright red bow... I think Home Depot + Trader Joes are the best sources for real
 (tie your own with good wire ribbon!)

Bottle of Prosecco + holiday wine stopper ... HomeGoods for stoppers (come in a set of 2 for 2 gifts)

Cute platter with crackers ... they can add their own cheese!
Tie the box onto the platter with ribbon and adorn with a tiny wreath or tree, I get my tie on supplies from the Target Dollar Spot

Christmas bark or holiday trail mix bagged and tied with a scoop

Homemade granola bagged tied with a pretty antique spoon
(extra points if it is monogrammed)

Rosemary Topiary tied with a fun wired plaid ribbon + a bell

Any of these ideas make amazing gifts for hostesses, teachers, neighbors, friends, car pool buddies, besties, and of course ... family.  Some of them are truly the best because as you buy the supplies to make one it makes a number of them and its easy to divide up and make a number of gifts at once.  In my book that is the best kind and a major win, win. When I ordered my Christmas To Go Cups I ordered them with a Merry Bundle (no longer available) ... it was so good to get a variety and with each sleeve having 10 cups I can split them up and then also have napkins to use for other gifts.  I think the bundles are amazing, this is the one on special now  ... this Merry Bundle with foam cups + napkins.  What a great deal!! 

Happy Tuesday ... and 8 days to go!

Images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. Hi Paige, thank you for these ideas! I remember a while back (a few years ago??) you had some cute "happy birthday Jesus" matches, but I can't find the post. Or was it on IG? Can you please remind me where you found those, please? Thanks again!

  2. Paige -- I love the idea of gifting the large paper napkins! Michaels has a tall square glass vase that's the perfect size (use the 40% off coupon and it's practically FREE!) -- I tie (or hot glue) some ribbon and a holiday sprig to the front and it looks adorable and VERY expensive. We get our napkins at The Christmas Tree Shop for a song -- the whole thing comes in at less than $10 and it makes the perfect hostess gift or office grab bag.

    Honestly, it's genius . . .



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