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Friday Favorites

I don't think I have been happier to see a Friday in quite some time, for some reason this week has been jam packed.  We also have a really busy weekend, but I think it seems more relaxed when you have plans on the weekend so it never seems to stress me out.  I have been going non stop since last Monday, and even though I love it, I am super tired today.  There is something about getting back to a schedule after a few weeks off that is just killing me this time.  But with coffee, lots of cold water, and some good music I am doing it. 

And my new favorite coffee for the house ... a lavender latte.  Soo yummy!

I noticed when I pulled all the stats from last year that our Tuesday 12 Happies were highly read but not the biggest part of the week so I thought I would change it up a little and see what you liked better.  Those posts take a long time to write and I love them, but change is always good, don't you think?  I have my eye on a number of really good finds this week so I thought I would share those and see how you like them.  I am always up for changing it back if you prefer, so let me know what you think!

I just bought this darling cosmetic case ... I have been working on my travel schedule and I really like to pack my cosmetic bags in advance and keep them packed with travel sizes of my favorites to make packing so much easier.  I really love it when I am ready for a trip as it is already packed for me.  When I notice something is running low I just snag another and add it to the already packed bag.  I have a bag now from Target that was working alright but I was missing a place to put my brushes so this bag will be perfect.  Plus it is way cute ... don't you think? I will share a whole post on packing tips and my favorite travel sizes when it arrives.  I designed it to match all my Barrington Gifts bags so it will be absolutely perfect. 

Speaking of Barrington, my darling Caroline Hernandez designed their newest print and I truly think it is perfect for spring and summer.  It is one of the prints she designed for our Charleston trip last year so it has a special place in my heart for sure.  Such a pretty print!!!

I have been moving things around in the house lately after moving out the Christmas tree and I am loving it.  Serena & Lilly just released some darling pieces inspired by Palm Beach and I am most definitely loving it all.  I pulled a few of my favorites for you ... as you can see I am obsessed.  I am really drawn to pale blue right now so their new pieces are giving me serious heart eyes.  😍

Do you shop The Real Real?  I have found myself checking it more and more in my strive to make better shopping purchases for my closet.  For many years I would want something but not want to pay the price for it so I would get a dupe of sorts and then find it would not last.  For example Ugg boots.  I bought more than four pairs of boots to wear at maybe $20 each and they would wear out but somehow that seemed like a good plan instead of buying the one $100 pair?  It wasn't.  I bought a pair of Uggs last year and they are perfect, have held up perfectly and were worth every single dollar I paid for them.  I find the pieces I spend more on to get the quality I am looking for end up saving me so much money, time, and headache in the end.  I would definitely check for gently used pieces if you are in the market for a more expensive item.  I currently am hunting a great pair of Chanel flats which I have decided I will treat myself to this year as a gift for my birthday.  I will keep you posted when I find the right pair I want in the color way I desire.  If only this pair was in my size, can you even?

I hope your weekend is amazing ... like I said before, I was very ready for this one to come! 

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