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All The Candy For Valentines

So I told you that Valentines is my very favorite holiday ... there is something about it that makes me so happy, girly, full of love + happiness.  I know it may be cheesy to some, but to me it is just all the wonderful feelings, plus more.  I can recall being a child and cutting out all the hearts from folded paper (remember in half, and then you had a full heart?) and loving all the chocolate.  Since I am partially (ok, fully) addicted to loving on others this is the one day I feel like it is the day you do it with complete reckless abandon. 

I have been wanting to create a dessert "board" for a while and with all the amazing sweets + treats available for Valentines Day I figured it was the absolute perfect time.  I pulled out one of one of my favorite vintage trays and went to town with all the candy. 

Also, is playing and styling a job, because if it is, may I please work there full time?

I gathered so many fun little seasonal happies from a few favorite stores and then came home and went to town playing with it all.  From Target I grabbed marshmallows, cinnamon lips, conversation hearts, raspberry Kit Kat, and all the Lindt chocolates.  From Fresh Market I grabbed the beautiful red velvet and the heart shortbread cookies which I may or may not have nibbled on while styling. Lastly, from Homegoods I snagged the pink chocolate truffles + strawberry pirouline wafers.  Do you ever hunt for treats at Homegoods they have such fun things and both of my treats I snagged were so yummy and fresh.  #score

I paired the candy tray with my favorite Wolffer Estate wine and I mean, does it get any better than pink wine + pink candy?  Maybe a good cocktail, I have that for you too, coming next week.

My favorite "get cute dress" was perfect for this week, I have worn it twice and thankfully I wore it early in the week since now it is back to really cold temperatures.  I love Elizabeth Wilson's pieces, they just make me feel extra girly and the ruffles do so much for adding some extra into your outfit. This green may be the best green color, its a true "real" grass green to me and definitely makes my green eyes really show.  I added in a pair of heart earrings + a stack of my favorite Hazen & Co. bracelets.  If you haven't noticed yet, I wear my Hazen pieces repeatedly.  They go with everything and when I get a few new ones I instantly mix them in with the ones I have to make sure they are instant best friends. 

I have to admit that had never sampled Ferrero Rocher Chocolates until this past Christmas when my best friend came into town and we made a trip to Target.  She kept telling me how yummy they were and I was clearly missing out.  One box and a movie later that evening and I can tell you I was hooked.  I really love all things hazelnut so I am not sure how it took me 49 years to even sample one.  The yummy chocolate, hazelnut and gold paper situation is absolutely just so perfect.  If you were like me and haven't tried one I will tell you that you need to fix that really, really fast. 

Anyone else love to play cards?  It is the best thing for us to have some quick family time, I can talk them into one game and then hours later they are still playing cards with me and I love it.  My grandfather taught me to play years ago when I was small and at that time he used a clothes pin to keep my cards together.  I will forever be a card playing girl ... and for Valentines I would recommend a good game of hearts. ❤

I hope you are inspired to create a dessert or chocolate tray of your own.  I really had the best time and I loved how pretty it was when it was done.  It is perfect for today, any girls night, a fun centerpiece for a game night and even a fabulous addition to a supper club.  I love how easy it is to nibble and try different things all pulled together.  For a dinner or cards night you could start with drinks and then finish with coffee, I think that sounds perfect to me.

Happy, happy Valentines Day!  I hope your day is filled with all the people you love the most.  ❤💝

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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