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Biscuit Casserole ... Yes Please

About a month or so ago I discovered that Callie's Biscuits launched biscuit casseroles.  I will tell you that when that news hit my feed I was all over it as Callie's are my favorite biscuits ever.  I know how to make them but that does not deter me from driving into the city to visit my favorite little biscuit shop.  I love all the varieties and I was so excited to hear Carrie was now making casseroles.  It was like any other brand you are really enamored with ... whatever they release you are just sure you will love, and I was absolutely correct once again.

The biscuit casseroles come in two varieties, a savory (Sausage, Egg & Cheese) and a sweet (Toasted Maple Biscuit) and were added to the menu after Carrie challenged her staff to come up with a great idea of what to do with the extra biscuits they didn't sell for the day.  So ... waste nothing, make a casserole ... I could not love it more.  Since I was staying with friends in St. Simons for the Summit last week, and we had a kitchen, I decided I would treat everyone to a full breakfast the first morning of the conference.  I will be honest, the cute kitchen made it so much easier to get up early and start the coffee + get breakfast going.  We always chat about how you must eat a real meal before starting for the day as it is a lot to absorb.  This was a major win, win for all and I got to treat my friends to a warm and yummy breakfast. I served the sweet casserole paired with fresh berries and scrambled eggs with basil and goat cheese.  I can tell you cooking for a chef will make you very nervous, but everyone was so sweet and loved their breakfast.

The casserole was delicious ... and the best kind of sweet, no overly sugary.  I was a little nervous but I knew the eggs and goat cheese would help round out anything that was too sweet and was pleasantly surprised when it was so perfect.  The smell wafted through the kitchen and brought everyone out of their rooms by 8:20 am, time enough to eat, drink the second cup of coffee and enjoy some morning time before heading out for the day.

The best part, we all came out in our pajamas and then had just enough time to get ready to be at The Cloister promptly at 10 am for the Swag Party.  The casserole takes an hour to cook and the entire time it smells like heaven, a cross between homemade biscuits + french toast with all the cinnamon and maple syrup smells.  It was really so, so good.

I stepped out to drink my second cup of coffee in our courtyard to take in the beautiful morning and the view.  I can't wait to show you all the wonderful photos from The Park, it is absolutely so perfect for a vacation and the Instagram photo moments do not quit. We had the large unit, Mandevilla, and slept 5 perfectly.  We could have easily had two more guests and not even have noticed the extras.  During breakfast and cocktails we had people over and it still felt huge to all.

Plans made, coffee drank, protein consumed + a side of delicious biscuits and we were off for the day.  I can not recommend these casseroles enough.  They would be ideal for company staying with you when you don't have time to make it from scratch but want an amazing meal + the incredible smells.  You will be so happy you tried them.  I can't wait to dig into my savory casserole.

Oh, and can I pretty please have a pink door?  I just think its perfect for me!

(Ps, I love this old school gown (maybe housecoat), if anything says old lady this is it but I love it so.  It is perfect for after the shower and for moments like this.  I wear it so often its crazy and all my girlfriends tease me about it which makes me love it even more.  I do not have a source or link for it but I did link some darling similar pajamas and a robe which you may love.  Same with the slippers ... fuzzy and pink, yes please!)

Happy Hump Day ... 🐫❤

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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  1. You'll probably need to release your own line of the housecoat/ dress!



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