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Love + Kindness

It's Valentine week and I am more giddy than usual, as in ... all the pink hearts, pink confetti, pink and red sprinkles, and most definitely all the flowers and chocolate please + thank you!  I just restocked our hot cocoa station with extra K cups, marshmallows, flowers, and to go cups.  I am loving this little set up and it is getting a lot of visitors which just makes me oh so happy.

As I have said many times I really enjoy setting up coffee + hot cocoa stations.  First of all it keeps the coffee making and hot cocoa brewing away from the sink and stove top area.  It never fails there are is a little crew of people when I am trying to either make a meal, unload the dishwasher or something of the like and this helps keep the areas separate.  I am so thankful for those little details.  And ... it is just really pretty, so that is a major plus all around. 

Since it is the best month and the happiest week of the best month there is a lot more cocoa making than last week.  Also we had a surprise snow shower last week and it made all of us want extra coffee and all the hot cocoa.  I have really enjoyed packing hot drinks in to go cups in the morning for the kids and having the cups ready to go is really user friendly. 

There is just something about tiny pink spray roses and red heart sprinkles that make my heart sing.  The kids powered through these sprinkles in a week so now I get to put out a jar of my friend Libbie's Valentine sprinkles and I could not do it fast enough.  She is the sprinkle queen and this mix is one of my favorites she makes.

Those roses ... swoon!

When I posted the image below on Instagram so many of you asked about purchasing a Love + Kindness mug.  I have set up a place for you to order them and I am thrilled you love them as much as I do.  If you recall the cup was a collaboration of my love for Haiti and the artwork of the talented Willa Heart.  She drew the most adorable pups and we added in the flags to remember that love and kindness is always the best idea.  I have truly loved my cup and I am so excited so many of you would like one as well.

I have a link here to purchase the mug.  The one I have in the photo is the larger mug, but you can purchase it as a 11 oz mug or in the larger 15 oz.  The mugs will ship directly to you and are currently 20% off.  I always purchase them in sets of two, they are packaged so well and arrive safely.  If for some reason that is not the case please let me know and I can help you. 

I just ordered two more for friends ... they are just so perfect all the time!  

Love and Kindness to each and every one of you!  🐶❤

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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