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In The Trench

I have been hunting for an amazing trench coat for years.  It is one of those items that I knew my closet needed and I would check out every single trench coat I saw and try it on only to find out it did not meet my requirements.  I wanted something that fit perfectly, wasn't trendy (classic prep to the core), wasn't going to break my budget, and something that was well made.  There have been many over the years that were really good ... but every single time I would decide on it something would fall short and usually it was the cost.  I had my eye on a really good gingham one a few years ago and I was waiting for the sale price to hit and as soon as it did my size was sold out.  The gamble did not pay off and I think I will always be sad about that one.

A few weeks ago I spotted this one.  It was the perfect coat from afar but I had to try it on and test it out to be sure.  It passed the try on test, and the inside blue and white stripe made it perfectly non trendy.  I loved it and loved the price and then realized it was on sale which made it absolutely perfect.  I snagged it so quickly thinking of all the ways I would wear it and instantly added it to my bags when I was heading to Summit.  I knew I would wear it repeatedly ... and I was correct.  I really love it so. 

In my strive to shop smarter this year I have decided there are a number of things I will pass up on.  I will crush on a number of things, but to be added to my wardrobe it really has to win over my heart and fill a need.  I either have been hunting it for a while, it makes sense to add to my closet, or I am replacing something I have worn out.  I have a number of things on the worn out list, so this is an area I am definitely hunting for pieces to fill.  This trench coat was a need in that it would fill the wet days, the spring days, the fall days and all the days I needed a stylish coat in the evenings.  I have already worn it a number of times and you will see it repeatedly on the blog.  

It is truly that good for me. 

I think a trench is an item you can wear from college all the way up.  It looks great paired with a great navy sweater + white jeans, tops and pants, cute dresses and even dressier outfits.  It easily added to my current uniform of sweater and jeans with the crazy weather we have been having in Atlanta.  It is freezing cold one day and then spring the next and then pouring rain and freezing again.  I don't think the pour weather man can keep up.

I also love how easy it is to take off a trench and carry it if you need to.  It isn't a heavy jacket and yet it provides the perfect amount of warmth for these in between seasons.  It also looks just as good on and it does laying on your shoulders for a little extra warmth.

Can you tell I am smitten?

I also really love the classic tortoise buttons on this coat, it adds to the classic style and matches perfectly with all of my tortoise glasses + sunglasses.  It had all the requirements I wanted plus the striped interior and the buttons which made it a must have for me.

It is currently 40% off which keeps the price under $100 and is a piece you might want to add to your life if you have never owned one.  If you are hunting for a classic well priced trench as I was I can tell you the hunt is truly over!

Happy Monday to you all!

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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