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Ruffles + Coffee

Did I mention the sun came out this week ... and I may have run right out and worked outside.  It was freezing, but it was so worth it to get some vitamin D.  I had been dying to try the new Valor coffee in Alpharetta and the combination of the shining sun + a lavender latte was calling my name.  Valor started as a cart inside a work space and has expanded into a full size coffee shop and it was truly standing room only inside.  That is fine with me, I braved the chill and had my coffee outside in the sun.

I am sure you heard me mention about 1000 times how much I love Elizabeth Wilson Designs clothes and this cute top is one of my new favorites.  It was so fun under my trench which you and I both know I was beyond excited to wear.  It was warm enough for about 20 minutes to ditch the trench and soak up the rays before I decided it was cold and the trench was a true must have.

Writing has really become something I love to do.  I find it relaxing, and the ritual really starts my day off in the best way.  I try to keep ahead one day, but there are occasions I find myself still finishing a post to get it up and live by 7 am.  This day was part of Winter Break for us and I think most of my posts that day were a bit late. Those extra long mornings with extra coffee spoiled me rotten.

I can't believe I have been writing this blog for 13 years now although the full time writing has only been a thing since early 2015, so for a lot of reasons I feel like it is only 5 years old.  When my oldest started his senior year of high school I was truly trying to find my place.  The decision I made to put my energy into this job truly has blessed me beyond what I ever thought it would.  And those months when my son was sick and the Hubs was so very sick in the hospital and trying to recover at home I was sure I would never write again.  Nothing seemed important enough to even talk about ... but I seem to have found a bit of a rhythm again and I am feeling like all is flowing. 

And I am really happy about it!  

Did I mention that Valor serves lavender lattes?  They do and they are sooo very good!  🍵💜

I am still completely smitten with the earrings I created with Hazen & Co. last summer ... I think they are just so very pretty.  They are also perfect with all the blue gingham + ruffles in this shirt. It is just so me and I could not love it more.

Cheer's to another five years, lots more inspiration and all the lattes and sun that comes my way.

Have the best weekend!  💙

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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