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My Favorite Tray

When my dad made our farmhouse style table years ago I envisioned it just the way it is ... gathered around, well loved, and treasured. I always love to keep something in the center of the table with flowers, a candle, some napkins, extra plates ... a collection of things I use and enjoy daily.  I have a lazy Susan I use (also made by my dad), a variety of trays, and always a collection of vases.  For a while I have been searching for something I could leave on the table and add things to as the seasons changed or as my needs changed and I finally found the best option, the Bedford tray from Serena & Lily.

As you can tell from these images the tray is large which I truly love. The size of the tray allows me to keep an arrangement of items which I loved to trade out based on the week or my mood if I am really honest.  At the moment I have flowers, a candle, a pile of napkins, and an antique china piece for paper straws. Since the straws + the napkins are both running low I will be trading it all out this week for something with an amazing spring vibe.  I see tulips and hyacinths in my week and I could not love the idea more.  I also am completely inspired by antique roses and fragrant blooms after walking Cheekwood yesterday and listening to an amazing speaker share the benefits of antique roses.  I have always wanted a rose garden but felt it was beyond my abilities ... but I may have been all wrong.

The tray is just fabulous.  I love the details and the combination of basket weave in the base + the larger cane sides. And, those handles, it is just the icing on the  cake for me. Like I said before it is large but I could not love that part more.  💙

I love placing a candle on a blue and white plate.  I think it is so pretty and allows me to add in a matchbox.  I linked a few really pretty plates for you to check out, but I just pull a bread and butter plate from our collection.

The tray comes in three sizes, I own the largest which is a rectangle, but it also comes in a square and a circle. I love the circle for a den or a side table in a guest room.  It would also be perfect on a table that is not as large as ours.  The square is also fantastic and would be amazing in the center of a round table to break up the circle.  Honestly, after receiving and using mine I can not think of a place that would not be perfect for this tray.

I will share the new styling this week on Instastories ... but I most definitely see spring flowers + a floral candle in my future and even maybe a small collection of blue + white.

Yes please ...

Have the best Monday!  💮

Images by Angie Webb Photos

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