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Zhushing Up The Coffee Table

I mentioned last month I was changing a few things around in our den and I really like the progress so far.  It is always nice to swap things up and play around with your accessories, it feels like you have all new things and you just shopped your home.  I can tell you your husband will definitely like it a whole lot more, mine sure does.

I started with the coffee table since I have a few new coffee table books plus I have seen so many that would be great to add to your collections and wanted to be able to share them with you.  My friend Emily gifted me this one for Christmas and I just bought this one and this one.  I love having a round coffee table, there are so many different ways to style it and I am slowly trying them all.  This is a new layout for me and I love having one of my favorite pieces in the center to style around.  Plus ... tulips are perfect right now so that is just a win, win.

Did anyone else's grandmother always have candy on her coffee table?  I think of mine every single time I add candy to mine. 💗

When I styled it this time I stacked four different sections of books on a T and then filled in with things I love and love to see.  A bowl with my vintage match collection, a candle, matches and an antique bowl of my go to for lighting my candle, a blue and white bowl of a yummy treat, and Herend square container filled with playing cards.

And, of course, my mother in laws favorite crystal vase with tulips.

It is the first thing I did when I cleaned up Christmas and wanted a new feel to our den, but it has not been the last.  I also traded out some pillows on the sofa, added a new throw, moved the bench which usually sits in front of the fire to a new side and played around with my lamps and accessories.  I also completely restyled the mantle and I can't wait to add some blooming branches to it in a few weeks.  It will all be gussied up and ready to share come spring.

I have included my favorite books for shopping along with the ones I have seen recently that I am dying to check out. There are so many amazing books to collect ... and I am here for every single one of them.

Happy Wednesday! 📘

Images by Angie Webb Creative

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your style! The table looks awesome, but I wish I could see the whole thing. So many bloggers do closeups which always leave me feeling frustrated. It's as if I'm looking at a room through a keyhole, so eventually I lose interest and move on to the ones that show me all the inspiration I am searching these blogs for. I can't wait to see your entire room!! Please!Please!



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