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The Happiest Of Mondays

I can't believe last week is over.  It was good, as in so very good.  This may have been my sixth Summit, but in a lot of ways it feels like my first.  Just like every other thing in my life, it felt new and oh so wonderful in all the ways.  I shared some of my feelings about it last night on Instagram, and I will share more as it unfolds ... but be prepared, I am making some really good changes to so many things!

How is it already Monday, the beginning of the second week in February.  I told you before it is my favorite month and I most definitely plan on soaking up every single day of this month. I am also super excited to get the extra day, a leap year just feels so extra in the best way possible.  This week will be so full, and so fun.  I am highly caffeinated and ready to tackle it all. 💗

 A couple of fun things to start your week ... 

This dress.  It comes in both pink + black and I suggest you get both.  I bought both colors and have already worn and love them.  It's the kind of dress that you can wear with boots, flats, and even sneaks and it is perfect for all of the options.  So comfy and pockets too ... do I need to say more?

My new glasses, black + tortoise.  They were so perfect for last week and I love the new colors and frame styles.  They both also have blue light and I have already noticed the difference in my eye strain.  I can not believe I have gone so long without this feature, I will never wear another pair without it.

These sneakers.  I wore them more than once last week and then all weekend long.  So comfortable and perfect for a dress (I told you!) and leggings plus a sweater after it snowed on Saturday.  I am truly loving the dress and sneaker option for a casual look. They are really comfortable and always remember I do not like tennis shoes so if I recommend some they must be the best!

I gifted this book to a friend last week and I was so excited.  She loves flowers and it is really such a pretty book.  If you missed this blog post make sure you check it out, I pulled together a number of my favorite books that would make perfect gifts.  I love giving someone a book full of pretty, it makes for the best inspiration.

I bought these jeans last week after noticing one of my favorite pairs were just really worn out.  They are so soft and really comfortable and feel almost like leggings when you wear them which makes them so good.  I bought them Monday and wore them Monday evening, Friday for the ride home, Saturday and put them on again last night to grab the kids from church.  I am telling you, they are really so comfy. Their price is the icing on the cake!

I am pretty sure I shared this bag I ordered hoping to take it to Sea Island with me.  It arrived while I was gone and it is even better in person.  I ordered the blue with white embroidered monogram and I can't wait to use it.  I will pack up my hair products, brush, and barrettes etc for traveling.  I love using small bags to keep things organized and this one will fit in perfectly.  I think it makes the most darling gift!

Oh, and one more thing ... 

I really missed ready the last few months of last year.  I just never felt relaxed enough to enjoy a book.  I downloaded one to listen to on my trip and I was sad when I arrived.  It is the third time I have done it and every single time I wish I did it more.  I am now half way through and luckily I have the hard copy as well to be able to fill in when I am not in the car.  I love that I can listen to it while cooking, putting on my makeup, and while I am driving around running errands.  I highly recommend Audible if you have never tried it, it is really a great way to do two things at once! I am currently reading American Royals while catching up from last year's book club reads from Ashley Brooke's book club.  She has the best read recommendations.

Have the best Monday!

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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