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Masters Dreaming

This is the week we all start thinking about the Masters golf tournament.  Whether you play, or not, watch religiously, or not, most of us are thinking about this iconic tournament which would be happening next weekend. My husband loves golf and loves to play, although he hasn't for a number of years know with work, cancer and life.  He does, however, always, always watch the Masters tournament. I remember when we first started talking about staying in and hearing the Masters would be postponed and thinking how different the first week of April would be without our favorite golf weekend.  Now that it is here it still feels weird ... but I am sure I am not the only one who loves to celebrate this fabulous weekend of golf.  He watches religiously and I plan all the egg salad, pimento cheese, Arnold Palmer cocktails and we hope for a fabulous match that we can talk about for weeks after. 

A month or so ago I traveled to Nashville to work with my dear friend Mary to give you some amazing Masters content to inspire you to host your own luncheon or gathering for you and your friends.  We are talking all the green, all the yellow, all the sweets and yummy sips for some amazing ideas you could use for your gatherings. I know we are planning our Masters' gatherings for next week, but I am hoping you will bookmark this and come back to it the instant we all have a date for a fabulous weekend of golf. 

Since the weather this time of year is always amazing with the azaleas, beautiful spring blooms and gorgeous green grass I vote to watch and celebrate outdoors. It is that perfect time of the year where it isn't too hot, and not too chilly creating the most amazing weather.  I most definitely vote for all watching and eating to be alfresco.

For the table we chose a round one, which is my favorite shape when entertaining.  To the table we chose a yellow gingham cloth and then dressed the table in a collection of antique green and white plates.  I love the French salad plates mixed with the Spode Archive Collection and the tiny lettuce ware tidbit plates.  Those lettuce ware tidbit plates make me smile so very much, aren't they darling?

To create an ideal Masters mix we recommend some darling golf cookies + delicious cheese straws, the perfect sweet tea + lemonade combination, and some sparkling water to balance it all out.  We suggest you serve egg salad + chicken salad sandwiches, peach ice cream + sugar cookies and round it all out with an Arnold Palmer cocktail or two. It all sounds so good I may be serving it this weekend for lunch just because. 😉

Don't forget to wrap your sandwiches in white parchment paper and cut them on the diagonal, they just seem to taste so much better.

I created this lemon + boxwood topiary for the center of our table and it was easier than I thought it would be.  With some oasis and a bunch of boxwood from our bushes it came together really quickly and all I had to do the day of was to add the fresh lemons.  I wish you could smell it, it gave off an amazing clean and lemon scent. I will most definitely be making topiaries for all sorts of reasons ... I loved the way it turned out.

For our flowers we mixed together yellow tulips + white spray roses + yellow snapdragons in my favorite monogram julep cups.  I think the combination of the taller topiary with the smaller floral arrangements may be one of my favorite combinations.  Of course, while eating you would need to move the topiary to a bar cart or side table so you can conversations.  Well, unless you don't want to speak across the table and keep the conversations tighter.

I chose to wear one of my favorite Elizabeth Wilson Designs tops in, of course, green gingham.  I think gingham and anything outside is the perfect combination.  I paired it with white jeans and these darling and comfortable loafers.  I love a cute top + white jeans + loafers ... it always works. 💚

This table was really easy to create and every single thing we used can be used again and again.  I recommend checking your stash for plates, borrowing from a friend with a great china collection, and mixing and matching all the greens.  The best part of the color theme for the Masters is how easy it can be flipped to be used for Easter which I will show you tomorrow.  This year more than any other we need to celebrate Easter and a green and yellow table would be absolutely perfect.

Yes please + thank you to all the cute cups with striped straws and delicious drinks ... even if it is a Perrier and lemon.  I just think a cute cup makes every single drink taste better.

Can you even handle that green jacket cookie ... I die.

Oh, and for the perfect bag to gift a bottle of wine or a wonderful bottle of spirit you must use this darling Flagstick Wine ToteIsn't it so perfect? 

I am dreaming of the days when the word virus + social distancing + quarantine are behind us ... until then I will be planning all sorts of social gatherings that I can add to the calendar the second we get the go ahead.

And the Masters weekend ... I am ready.  And when you need some inspiration for your weekend of golf too, this blog post will be waiting for you!

Happy Tuesday ...

Sources ... 

Tablecloth:  option 1 + option 2
Drink Tags: WH Hostess 
Dinner Plates - Spode Archive Collection
Salad Plates - antique French plates (Scott's Antique Market)
Tidbit Plates - Tory Burch + Dodie Thayer
Wine Tote - Crab & Cleek
Julep Cups
Dinner Napkins: Vintage set by K Sweigart Collection (weekly sales)
Golf Swizzle Sticks: Acrylic Sticks 
Flowers: Trader Joes
Mary’s Dress: Pearl By Lele Rose
Mary’s Earrings: Hunter Blake Designs (Lily Pad)
Mary’s Shoes: Castaner
Paige's Jeans: Talbots
Paige's Loafers: J.Crew
Paige's Earrings: old but I recommend these

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