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Needlepoint 101

I learned to needlepoint last summer from the master Jessica at Lycette Designs.  We had planned on meeting for more than two years and last June at the end of a week long trip to Palm Beach I popped in to meet her and learn the craft.  I was really thinking it was going to be hard no matter how many people told me it wasn't hard at all.  In less than 30 minutes she taught me a basic stitch, and I was sitting next to her while we chatted stitching away.  I was thrilled and looking back it was such a God moment since needlepointing would be such a source of peace during Nathan's horrible surgical recovery.  I can tell you for sure, I am a believer in the statement that it is relaxing and so very therapeutic.

I have been stitching quite a bit since we started staying home and so many of you have asked me questions.  How to begin, where to shop, it is hard ... I have a list of the questions I will answer below.  I had planned to type out all the tips and tricks and then two bloggers I adore and follow (Carly + Elsa) did the exact same thing last week so I am going to reference them both now.  I truly believe there is no need to redo anything when another person does it better, so I am giving them all the credit and sharing their tips and tricks and sources with you.  We all stitch the same, shop at the same places, and know the same group of stores ... so why redo any of it.

First of all ... I would watch this video

If you have any other questions or need to understand it better, then watch this video.

Then I would read this post, and read it twice making sure you take it all in.

Now to your questions that can not be answered above ... 

What is the best canvas to start with as a beginner?

Jessica told me to use the 18 count canvas to begin with and I could not agree more. The larger squares are much easier to see when you are first starting out and definitely if you wear glasses like I do.  The canvas information will tell you the size, and if it doesn't just ask the shop.

Did you follow directions or watch a YouTube to learn?

I did not, I learned from Jessica Chaney ... but I have watched videos on YouTube to understand background stitches and they are really helpful. 

Types of stitches ... 

You can be as simple or creative as you choose, I use one stitch for the centers and I am just now starting my adventure in background stitches now.  It was scary but has been fun and they go so much faster for large areas.

Techniques for switching colors often, the back gets messy and hard to push through.

I would recommend the waste knot ... I think that helps with threads on the back.

Where do you send projects for finishing and is it expensive?

I have not had anything finished so far, most of mine need to be framed which will help with finishing cost.  Yes, I think they are expensive to finish but I think any real hobby isn't cheap.  And for me, it is a whole lot cheaper than therapy every single time I feel anxious. 😂

Where to start on a canvas?  Do you start on the inside or outside?

I start in the center with a color that I love.  I have found it is easier to start with the colors that have the least amount of space and work up from there.  I think it is a very personal choice and there isn't a right or wrong answer.

I hope this helps convince you to take the plunge and begin to needlepoint.  I know I keep saying it but it really is so much easier than it seems and it is truly so very therapeutic and so good for stress.  I will leave you with this story.

The second time Nathan was taken to the ICU was about 5 pm on a Friday.  I was alone in the room with him with his breathing started to become labored and he was clearly in trouble.  I alerted the nurse who alerted a team and before I knew it there were people everywhere.  There was about an hour before the decision was made to move him quickly to the ICU.  I was sitting in a recliner with my pillow and a warm blanket off to one side near the window.  His room was huge and there were six people in the room most of the time.  I was needlepointing when it began and when we were transferred to ICU I looked down to see I had been stitching and praying the whole time.  With the exception of a small time when I left to break down I was sitting with him and praying hard.  And stitching.  I think it saved me from truly having a panic attack right there in the room as he truly could not breathe well at all.  I stitched so much during those two months in the hospital and I think it helped me focus and gave me some quiet time to pray. 

I could not be more thankful.  💗

Collection of images by Angie Webb Photo + my Iphone

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  1. Thank you! This is perfect!!!!! Looking forward to getting started.



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