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All The Basket Items ...

Since we are all hunkering down even more than we were a week ago, I had to get creative with Easter basket shopping.  As in, really creative.  We have been staying in with the exception of the necessity market shopping and basically if I can't get it at the grocery store I haven't gotten it.  I have been really lucky to find some flowers + herbs I wanted to plant and a few happies here and there for the kids but a lot of things have had to be sharpied off the list.  It is what it is and I am more than ok with it.

But Easter is a different story.  We will not completely 1000% percent be changing any of our Easter plans with the people in the house. This year more than ever we need to celebrate the sacrifice made for us all by Our Savior. I need it, the kids need it and we all need it to cling to hope and the love that exists in Him. There will be stuffed Easter baskets, an egg hunt, and a set Easter table.  It will simple but it will be done and I am super excited about it.  Since the kids have been home we have played so many games at night.  We do our things during the day (they have online school + I have work) but come dinner time we meet up in the kitchen for dinner and card games.  It has been so fun and simple and one thing I hope to be able to keep up after this time ends.  There are so few days we really get as a family during the school year with activities and I have soaked the heck up out of these.

When the kids were little we started the tradition of basket Saturday and Easter Sunday so they knew the difference.  Saturday after they received their baskets then we hunted eggs.  This year I plan to hide eggs with money which I will get from the drive thru at the bank.  I think $25 of ones should be fun and then some of the eggs will have cash.  It is fun to watch them fight to get to the eggs as tall children, they are ruthless.  I got some extra jelly beans for some of the eggs and the rest will be empty.  Since they all sleep in I will be able to hide them with my coffee.  I also plan to hide their baskets and set up a scavenger hunt.  I mean, I have all the time I need to take advantage of it.

I found some amazing things ... all will a fast ship time for you to shop today and have before you need them.  I always add their favorite candy to their baskets which I snagged from the grocery store and promptly hid from them and me.  They have baskets they have had since birth so that is managed and I use the same grass in them year after year with some refresh when needed.  I am really excited about the items I scored and I gathered some for you as well.  Remember, I have teens so our items are always a book or journal, something super creative, a game or two they will love, and a few small personal items.  This year doesn't vary from the normal, except that I ordered them all online.

I hope you are inspired ... and snag some great items as well.  We are all loving the games and I found some fun ones to share with you along with some great crafts and markers.  Who doesn't love new markers, I know I do!

Hoppy Shopping!  🐇

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