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Our Home This Spring

I was asked to be a part of an amazing spring blog hop that occurred a few weeks ago, but with life as it is now, it didn't work out for me to put my post up on time.  I hated it, but it happened and I had to take a deep breath and let it go.  However, the images we shot of our house were divine and everything looks so pretty and I still wanted to share.  I see it as inviting you all over in a time that we definitely can not do that at all.  🏡

So ... I open my door and invite each of you in to our home, all fluffed for spring!

I love our home, it has always provided me a place of solace and peace, but right now more than ever.  It feels safe and it is full of movement and sounds and life.  I love that I took some time to decorate it not knowing it would be so good for me to see.  I am thankful for every tiny inch of our home, even the ones where I see them and think ... well that needs some love.  😉

I have sources for you in the link below for all the new items ... or things I can source.  A lot of our home is made up of items I found antiquing, my favorite hobby, and those things are not so easy to source.  My two favorite new additions to the house are the pink pillows on the sofa (I snagged at Scott Antique Market) from an amazing pillow lady you should follow and check out.  Her pillows are truly stunning and she has so many gorgeous fabrics, I am smitten with her incredible work.  And our bedding, what a perfect time to get new bedding!!  I received a duvet + shams from Crane & Canopy and we really have slept so well since they arrived.  I put a comforter (nothing special) in the duvet cover and I think the weight of the two have really helped my sleep during this crazy time.  I love being snug in the bed under lots of covers and our bed was good before but we didn't have a comforter on it, just a blanket.  The comforter + beautiful duvet cover were the perfect addition.

Sources for you here ... please let me know if you want a source for something I don't have listed!

Happy Monday!  💗

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. Stunning Paige. All the beautiful colors make me so happy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the white elephant vase on your front table! Was this an antique find? I've been googling to find one like it with no luck. Any insight would be great! Thanks and stay safe!

  3. Your house always makes me smile. Thanks for the tour :)

  4. I love all the colors! I tend to decorate, very minimalist and have always wanted to add more color, even just a "pop" here or there, thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Your colorful, beautiful home photos cheered my heavy heart. Thank you for that!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Your use of color, color, and more color is my favorite thing about your decorating style!



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