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Graduation Gifts For All

I think I mentioned that our oldest is graduating from college this year.  With all of the cancellations his ceremony was one of many that will not be happening and it has made me so sad for all the students who have worked so very hard and have a very different, or in some cases, no graduation. For my son there is nothing planned and when he took his last exam he simply received an exit email and seemingly that was it.  It is so hard to imagine graduating in this manner and so many students are in this boat right now.  There seems to be no closure, its just over.  Truly, my heart goes out to every single high school and college student this year and I think they need all the celebrations we can create for them.  For our son we are getting creative, and I hope he will feel celebrated and the closure that I know so many need.

my sweet baby

I ordered his cap and gown and a few alumni items for him but was unable to get the cords he would have received to walk.  I am still hoping to get them since they represent the hard work he put in over the last five years.  He has earned one for Dean's List, one for his college and one for the university and anything else I am currently unaware of ... I am hoping to find out more soon. He will be sporting that cap and tassel for our celebration, his mama insists, just so he gets to experience wearing it.  This time is truly so odd for these graduates.

I have gathered some really great ideas for gifts for both Him and Her and a lot of them that will work for both high school and college.  There are some that are obvious for Him that are not for Her and some that most definitely work better for college grads but most of them work for all. I tried to pick items I know our son has received and loved as he has navigated moving out, becoming an adult, and now earning his first real job in his field. I can't believe he is 23, employed as an engineer and loving both his new life and his job.

How can this be? 😢

I love to purchase a gift that can be customized with colors and a monogram.  You can choose the colors of their school choice, their favorite colors, or just a great classic color combination.  Adding a monogram really makes it personal and shows you took time and found out their full name.  Plus, I find monogram gifts are those that truly stand the test of time, there is just something about having a monogram added.

Here are all the gifts I gathered ... I really think they are all great ideas. ❤

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