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Six Things I Got + Loved

Anyone else living for the once or twice a week little package that arrives in the mail.  I heard the doorbell ring today and literally tried to beat someone else to the door just to see what the UPS guy delivered.  Yes, it has come to that, but it's ok.  I have really been careful about what I buy recently but I will tell you if I think about something for more than a day (with the exception of the shoes above) I consider getting it.  Prices have been so great, I am trying to support the economy, and we all deserve a happy or two a couple times a week.  Today I am sharing six things I got that I really love and think you will love as well.  💗

A follower on Instagram sent me the listing for these darling shoes and I bought them instantly.  As I have told you before I am completely all in for the dress + sneaker feel at the moment and these darling shoes are perfect for all my dress wearing at the moment.  They are not only the most perfect pink but the rope details make me oh so happy and the wedge is a new one for me.  I bought the pink (obvi) but I also really love the navy option too, and the price is so good! Aren't they too cute for words?

During the Sephora sale a few weeks back I ordered two things I was really excited to try and both of them were even better than I hoped they would be.  As soon as the box arrived I tested out the Glowscreen by Supergoop and I can not tell you how much I love it.  I have been spending so much more time outside and the Glowscreen works as a primer + sunscreen combination, which is honestly the best idea ever.  I love the glow it has and felt instantly a little better.  I know it sounds silly, but the glow instantly improved my mood.  I am a convert for sure, and now I can tell you I completely understand the cult following.

The second thing I bought in the sale I am completely smitten with is the Tax Luxe Tan Drops.  I have watched for weeks as people I follow on Instagram use the drops with amazing success.  I was completely in for a try myself so I used the Sephora sale to snag both the drops for the body + the face.  You simply mix a set number of drops into your moisturizer and then apply to your face or body.  It truly almost sounded too easy, but it works beautifully.  I know feel like I have been somewhere tropical, and I do not hate that idea at all.

I popped into J.Crew (virtually) a week or so ago and bought a few fun things.  Then when I saw the news that they were restructuring I got online and made another purchase.  I love the Crew, so much so that most of my closet has a Crew label.  I truly mourned when the one near our house closed, and I try to check them first when I am in want or need for something new.  During my two purchases I snagged a few things I was super excited to get but my favorite thing I got was this darling tunic dress.  I can't link it for you below ... but check it out and grab it while you can.  It is sooo cute.  I am rooting for them to restructure and come back even better, and in the mean time I will be giving them all the love and purchases I can.  The best way to help a business survive is to purchase from them!

This bra.  All I can say is this ... I saw my friend Cassie talk it up on Instagram a while back, I ordered it and I swear by it.  The most comfortable bra I have ever owned.  You are welcome, order it asap.

I bought this mural right after the quarantine began and its so beautiful.  My plan is to frame a few sections of it for each side of our china hutch in the dining room.  I really love it and think it is perfect for the look I want.  I see it in a bamboo gold frame ... something I have asked my dad to help me with.  I also have to have the chair rail removed in the room, so there is that as well.  Two things on my "the world is open again" to do list.  You will really love the mural, I can't tell you how pretty it is and the price is ideal.

This amazing cup.  It was a gift from my sweet friend Emily a while back but I think I fell in love with it more recently.  I will admit, I am new to the love of an insulated tumbler.  Yep, I may be the last one to figure it out ... but these are amazing.  I love how hot it keeps my coffee + how cold it keeps my evening cocktail.  Tonight's drink is a yummy Grapefruit Rosemary Moscow Mule and it is just as yummy as it sounds.  The grapefruit juice, Lilly pullover, and bougainvillea is giving me all the Florida vibes today and I could not love it more.  I have my eye on this tumbler next and I love that you have so many color and monogram options.  It's official, I am on the bandwagon.

I would love for you to share anything you got recently ... pop me an email and let me know!

Anyone else shocked it is already Thursday?

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