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Happy Tuesday!

We had such a great long weekend, different than years past, but almost better in so many ways. It was a great lesson in letting go of expectations. I have found that when my expectations make me sad I am best to really just set them all aside and let situations be what they will be.  This quarantine has been a daily exercise in letting my expectations go again and again and let things happen. And in a lot of ways, so many amazing things have come, probably a lot of things that would have never happen had I expected to do things another way.

On Friday evening we had a happy hour drive by for our oldest who just "graduated" from college.  I have the word graduation in quotes because other than an email letting him know he graduated, he has had nothing else, like so many others.  We sent out a large text, set ourselves outside in chairs and had happy hour while friends and family drove by to love on him and wish him well.  Afterwards my husband and brother in law made an amazing dinner for him with his favorite meal, steak + potatoes.  So many fun toasts, so many great sips of bourbon and prosecco and all in all an amazing evening.  My darling friend Caroline made the invite and I could not have loved it more, exactly what I wanted!  💛

Saturday my girl and I spent some time at a friends pool which was so very fun.  Giggles, some shared  hummus + boiled peanuts, lots of girl chat and some vitamin D and it was another great day.  It was so good to see my girl in the pool which is the happiest place on earth for her to be.  I put on my favorite swim shirt for the first time this year, packed up my sunscreen, some snacks and parked myself in a beach chair for hours.  It was perfect.

Sunday was a day of rest, sleeping in, devotion, and starting a new series on Netflix ... Sweet Magnolias.  If you haven't started it you should, but stretch out what you watch ... there are only ten episodes and it is really, really good. I would relate it to Virgin River, which is also so good, but also different.  It sucks you in, so be careful to spread out the episodes. After dinner we were all craving a sweet treat and my girl made us her famous chocolate chip cookies.  They. Are. The. Best.

Yesterday was another great day.  I hung our flag outside, made a great flag display in my favorite basket on the front door, and stuck small flags in every single arrangement of hydrangeas I have.  After lunch I packed up some supplies and headed to Blue Ridge to spend the evening with my brother and sister in law.  We are starting to branch out a little ... with the same friends and family ... for our sanity and something different.  Grilled chicken, potato salad, watermelon, baked beans, potato chips, grilled corn, and the yummiest hummingbird cake started our summer off in the best way.  We drove home with a fabulous sunset and I could not help to think of so many who have sacrificed for us, continue to do so and the cost of our freedom.  It most definitely is not free. 💗

As summer has officially begun, not much has changed in our house.  We are still keeping our distance most of the time and trying to make decisions that work for us and still keep our Daddy safe.  It is hard, as it is for all, and grace is the best solution to everything.

Here's to a short week, some great projects on the horizon, and some amazing left over cookies. 😘

Happy Tuesday ... 

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  1. Oh Paige ! I just love your blog! Been reading it foreeeva....Sweet Magnolias.Done. Virgin River, done. Now what?!



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