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Six Things I Got + Loved Vol. 2

I was looking over the statistics for this month to see what you have responded to and hands down, this post was it.  Second place was this post, which really makes me proud since I felt so passionate writing and publishing it.  I really enjoyed the six items post and was really excited to see it do well.  I figured, why not make it a regular post ... so here we are!

First up is my new devotional, Paul David Tripp's New Morning Mercies.  I spotted my friend Anna Louise reading it in March and asked her about it immediately.  She said she loved it and I ordered it right away.  I love it, I really do.  I love how thought provoking it is and how truly beneficial.  I love a great devotion and this one is really, really good. The first line always gets me and sometimes is the thought that runs through my mind all day long.  I have also loved reading the suggested reading at the bottom of the post, keeping my heart and thoughts in the right state of mind all day long.  Right now I can't imagine a more perfect time to start a great devotional.  You will love this book!

These darling shoes!!  I spotted them and new immediately they would be so cute paired with white jeans and dresses.  I love a great slide during the spring and summer and the rattan is just the element it needs to make it the perfect summer shoe.  My goal next week is to sport a cute outfit and makeup every single day ... the staying at home outfits are killing my creativity ... and I will style them a ton to share.  My first outfit ... white jeans, cute flowy blue + white striped top + slides. I may have no where to go, but I sure won't look that way! 💙

I think I have shared that I am working in the yard and have tackled quite a few little projects.  It has been really good and way more fun than I expected it to be.  I love how satisfying it is to start something in the yard and see it done and when I go out in the morning to walk the dog.  I had no idea I would like yard projects as much as I do and I am definitely planning to keep tackling the do list.  I think my sweet yard guy might cringe now when he sees me walk out every week when he comes.  I always have a list for him to chat about ... this week its to take out another bush and to talk about tiny boxwoods I want for around our crepe myrtle.  I added this arbor to the side of the house last month and I love it.  I did some research to find exactly what I wanted and this one was the best for the price.  It was so easy to put together and install and it makes me smile every single time I see it when I pull in to the driveway.  I give up five stars for sure.  I will have some fun updates for you when the mulch is installed.  👍

When I wrote this post and posted this image on Instagram so many commented on my Jasperware cache pot.  I bought it in early March on my way back from Nashville at a darling antique store I stopped in quickly before they closed.  I spotted it out of the corner of my eye and it was in my hands before I could count to ten. I have used it as a wine chiller on the porch and a vase since I brought it home and think it is perfect for both.  Right now it is filled with hydrangeas from my sweet friend and small flags and it looks so very pretty.  I found a number of them just like mine and all really well priced for you.  Two of them are dark blue and rare ... and oh so very pretty!

I mentioned last week that I am new to the Yeti and insulated cup world and I feel like I missed out on many super cold + hot drinks.  I even own some and haven't used them, I do not even know why I never tried one.  Nathan brought me coffee in one a few weeks ago when my Ember mug was charging and I noticed how hot my coffee was.  Then I tried a cocktail in one later that week and I was hooked.  When I did my graduation gift round up I spotted this super cute coffee cup, which I love for graduates, and I ordered one for myself to try.  It is not only so cute, but works perfectly!  I love the monogram styles ... and it is perfect for Father's Day so you can order one for you and more for gifts.   I love this style too if you want something that doesn't have a handle.

These spreaders are really so useful.  I have been making fancy hummus (as my family calls it) quite a bit and we are using the spreaders to add it to pita chips and cucumbers slices.  I thought they were so cute when I got them and then I realized how useful they are for making peanut butter sandwiches and spreading basically anything at all.  I love them for summer but they are great for any time at all.

Have a great Thursday!

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