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Introducing Bauble Stockings

A few weeks before Summit this year one of my favorite business owners called me and told me about a girl I would most definitely want to meet while I was there. Taylor knew of my love for both Haiti and needlepoint and would absolutely fall hard for the story of Bauble Stockings.  Not only are these stockings amazing, and the story so very precious, but ... they are stitched by women of Haiti which allows mothers to have a steady and safe fair trade income for their families. Bauble Stockings in partnership with Good Threads is providing income for these communities.  They are working hard to make sure the families are safe, provided for, taught trades, and money is safely moving in their villages.

I was hooked.

Fast forward a few weeks and Kate and I were in the same small mentor group.  Her story just blew me away.  A bauble stocking is a small and meaningful gift that is opened after the others are done. Kate describes it perfectly ... "Bauble Stockings are based on a family tradition, where the final gift of Christmas, or a clue to it, is found in your Bauble Stocking. It isn’t the most expensive gift, but it is the most thoughtful, and always makes you feel so loved."

Maybe it is for the Mom who has worked tirelessly all year, maybe it is a small gift for all that is just so very special.  The meaning behind it is the same, it is meant to be something special, where a gift or a note written and tucked inside.  It has meaning and it is one to be remembered.  Kate's stockings are small and needlepointed by women in Haiti.  You may recall my daughter and I went on a mission trip a few summers ago to Haiti and ended up in the small coastal village of Figuier.  I do not know how to describe my love for Haiti.  I would hands down go back today, tomorrow, or any day it was deemed safe.  I love these people so intensely and think about them daily.  I miss my little friends, wanted to bring them all home, make sure they were safe and build something that would provide steady income to them to better their lives.  I guess, in part, my vision was to do something like Kate has done so well.

With all the people affected by Covid 19, the people that Bauble Stockings helps is one of them.  The women who normally have more work, and now do not and it is on Kate's heart to be able to provide for them.  I can't imagine how she feels but I can tell you I am committed to helping her all I can.  For a limited time she is having a BOGO sale on her darling stockings.  Yes, this is not the holiday season, but it is the time you can do something and directly change someone's life.  Her goal is to sell a total of 2400 stockings (she is close, but not there) and be able to provide 3 months full-time fair-trade work for 107 women in Haiti.  This sale has been happening for a bit and ends this Sunday.  With code TOGETHER you can purchase stockings and get one free for every single one you buy. 

I think this is an amazing time to purchase something special for the women in your life.  I love the idea of treating your mother to a stocking and a note that tells her what you did for another mother who needed the work.  I think these stockings are so beautiful and so special and create traditions and memories, two things that I strive to create daily.  You can shop the collection here on her site, my personal favorites are this nutcracker, the partridge in a pear tree, the nutracker, Clara, and the darling I believe.  They are truly all so stunning.

Please consider supporting this cause, this amazing business, and the people in Haiti.  I know this is a personal ask, but I believe in this completely ... as can be shown by my order today.  Not only are you supporting an amazing business, but we are guaranteeing work and fair trade income for these people.  I truly could not love it more.

I adore you all, happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. I just ordered two! I love the stockings and I'm so glad to take part in such a wonderful mission.



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