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Alfresco On The Deck

When we worked on the screen porch a few weeks ago I ordered a new outdoor rug for our table area on the deck.  When the rug arrived and the Hubs and I went to install it, the table we had for many years lifted apart.  It was an old table, something we had inherited from his family, and it finally just gave up and was all done.  It was made of red wood and very dry and it had completely fallen apart unbeknownst to us. The second we tried to lift it the boards came apart and it was clear it was all done.  I immediately chatted with my friends at Frontgate about getting a new one and we chose a beautiful new teak table to take its place.  Ten days later it was at the house, and on Friday I shared a sneak peek of the finished space for you ... it all its gorgeous glory.  Our eating space outside most definitely just got an upgrade!

The table is gorgeous ... and as you can see when I took the photo on Friday it was raining.  It was a good afternoon soak and the table stood up perfectly, most of the water beading right up and rolling off.  It is a beautiful teak table and I can also share it is very well made and very heavy.  Putting it together was easy to do but ... my broken thumb will share, that table is solid as a rock.  (Table 1, Thumb 0)  We ordered the 95 inch table knowing it would be easy to add two more chairs and be able to sit 8 comfortably outside.  We are a family of 5 so when anyone comes over we always need at least 2 extra seats.  The chairs are a few years older, but I love how well they marry together. They are no longer available so I linked these chairs for you which are the ones I would have requested if I did not already have the ones we do. I love the look of them! Oh, and the rug ... it is even more gorgeous in person.

plates (sold out, similar) || flatware || napkins (vintage)

We spent Mother's Day in the driveway with our friends so tonight will truly be the first evening we sit down to eat together at our new table.  I am really excited and already have decided which table cloth and dishes I want to us.  I love that we can use the table with or without an umbrella and hopefully tonight it will be timed perfectly that we can use without.  We are using an umbrella we already own but Lawyer is asking for this one so it will be completely covered.  We shall see, I would rather spring for a fire pit for the evenings so we shall see which he ends up with for Father's Day.

We have talked about sealing the table with teak sealer, although the website says it is not necessary.  I love the color it is and I am not sure I want it to grey over time, but we have not made a final decision.  Time will tell and I am sure we will discuss it many times before making a decision.  Isn't that the way it is with all couples?

The right side of our deck (looking from the house side) is surrounded by the most amazing yellow jasmine.  I am trying to train it to grow on both sides, but for now it is lush and thick only on the one side.  I see it as a natural privacy fence ... which it definitely does do.  I had the yard crew trim it for us to make sure it wasn't too tall and too wide with the bigger table and I love how tight it looks right now.  When it blooms the whole side is a bright yellow and I could not love that time of the year more.

I love, love, love the new set up.  I think the table really takes it to the next level and I love that we can use it with an umbrella.  We have seat cushions which I highly recommend using outside.  It helps to protect the chairs and they are so easy to clean if you get the protected ones.  Plus ... for me its another layer of color which we both know I love!

I am thrilled with the amount of time we have spent outside ... it is definitely a plus for all this time at home.  And the weather has been truly magical, I hope it stays forever.

Happy Monday to you ... I hope it is a great one!

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  1. Hi Paige,

    Would you please share your polish color in the top photo? It is exactly what I am looking for, but can't seem to find. Thanks, and so love your blog!



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