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Introducing Freshly Set

Anyone else so ready to entertain and have all their friends and family over?  I know for me I am itching for a big dinner party, all our favorite people and long conversations late into the evening with glasses of wine and all the laughter.  I am craving some serious fellowship with those we hold dear.  With our new outdoor table I am ready to hold 6 to 10, depending on how snuggly we wish to be.  Since we both know I love to set tables, way more than cooking for sure, I happily set our table last night for just us ... and it was glorious.

I set the table with a beautiful green and white tablecloth and the most amazing chargers from Freshly Set.  A company that is very new to me they are new to the market and will most definitely be a huge hit.  Freshly Set rents designer tabletop pieces making it affordable to set and dress tables in the most beautiful pieces that you simply ship back when you are finished.  I love the concept.  You choose the pieces you wish you rent, they ship them to you and within four days you return the items in the box provided with the enclosed label and shipping tape.  Packing them up this morning, although so sad since I loved it all, could not have been easier.  After that you simply run them to the post office and back to Freshly Set they go.

I absolutely loved the pieces I chose, so much so that I did not want to return them.  The Aria tablecloth was so pretty and the pattern was truly gorgeous. Those Iraca placemats ... I mean can you even?  I really, really wanted to keep it all.  I love their business model which will allow me to rent pieces without adding to my already bad habit of collecting table items.  And the absolute best part of all, you can rent and use items for such a small fee vs. purchasing them for so much more.

I absolutely love every single item they rent ... I mean, what will I order next?

I mixed the items I received with some of my favorite items we own.  With the flowers I have been planted along the deck as inspiration I decided on a pink + green theme.  I pulled out some pink seersucker napkins, blush candles from a collaborative project last summer, some white plates, and my favorite tortoise flatware. I also pulled some rattan pieces to mix in and had a wonderful time pretending to be a florist with some roses, peonies, and pink hydrangeas.  

We only had a simple dinner, but those really are my favorite kind.  Since there are so many amazing fruits in season I mixed watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries with some mint and balsamic glaze and paired it with some grilled chicken and fresh corn.  It was divine.  I also mixed up some fabulous watermelon margaritas and will be sharing the recipe next week. Spoiler alert ... they are so, so good.

We have eaten outside almost every single night since the table arrived, with the exception of those evenings where it rained, and I love it.  Our old table was a hand me down from my in laws and it was bumpy and we used it but no where near as much as we do this one, and I love it.  When I was ready to set the table last night I simply blew off the table and the rug and then unfolded the tablecloth and went to town.

The weather last night was perfect to eat outside ... breezy but yet not hot and not at all humid.  I could not love it more.  We cleaned up after dinner and I just sat outside with a second margarita 😉 and enjoyed the breeze and the beautiful evening.

Since this was my first Freshly Set order ... I am already planning my next one for a real dinner party with someone other than just us.  I have my eye on two of the tablecloths ... but how do you choose?  Which one I will get may even be a surprise to me since I truly can not decide.  Will it be this one or this one?  They are both divine!

Make sure you check out Freshly Set and give them a try.  I was thrilled with everything and the service could not have been better.  The concept is brilliant ... and will have me as a loyal customer time and time again!

Happy Friday ... 


  1. Hi - the table looks darling, and so do you? Love your hair like this, and do you have a link for your dress? thanks!

  2. Oh Paige -- that centerpiece -- I die, I truly die!

  3. Beautiful table, and Freshly Set is a brilliant concept. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers!



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