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Stitch Goodness

For the weeks my right thumb was in a brace I missed being able to needlepoint so very much. It is so relaxing to me and is the perfect thing to do while watching TV, sitting on the porch, and waiting for doctors, kids, and life.  I love to be able to pick it up, stitch for a while and then put it down when I need to.  With a brace, and a broken thumb, it was impossible.  I even tried once without the brace and my whole thumb was swollen in minutes.  It was a bad idea, but I really wanted to be able to stitch.

Since it is so much better and I am not required to wear a brace any longer I am able to stitch for small amounts as it heals.  I usually stitch until it starts to ache, take some Tylenol, and then try again later. Since it is healing much faster now that I can use it again, I am able to stitch for longer periods of time.  It is really, really so good.

I have found some darling canvases to share with you.  Most of them are small and could even be weekend projects, and each of them is so cute!  I loved them all and only picked ones I would purchase myself, which as you can see would be a lot.  I like small projects, they are so good and go so fast.

Happy Shopping!!

Images by Angie Webb Photography

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