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Mom Approved Teen Swim

This is the first summer in four years I have not had Anna Grace as my assistant and the adjustment is a really hard one.  I love that sweet girl, her amazing heart, and the energy she brings.  She is ready to move on and the virus is most definitely changing how we are doing summer.  I am so proud of her, but I miss her quite a bit.  When thinking about summer it became apparent that my girl was needing a Covid safe job and so she volunteered to help me.  We finished one week working together and are starting a new one and I love having her around to help me.  The best part about having a side kick is the energy and ideas they bring.  A conversation between us about bathing suits turned into a blog idea ... and here we are with great swim wear and accessories for teen girls. 

She is well aware that her clothes have to pass approval, though she and her friends all have amazing taste in what they chose and wear.  I want to make sure she has "mom approved" options she loves and still is able to showcase her own style.  We have not had an issue and I hope that remains.  She is actually pickier than I am about what she wears, so my only issue is that she could use some more "dinner options" and less lounge ware, but she is only 15.  Her closet will develop properly over time. 

She did all the research for this post and chose what all teens girls want for their beach + pool days.  For us it is heavy on the pool vs. beach, but the choices are still the same.  She chose a few suits to purchase and I am excited for her to receive them, they are truly so cute.  

According to her ... bucket hats are the thing for her age (they are so cute on) along with mismatched tops and bottoms and I couldn't love it more.  They have such cute style, and I love that they venture out and mix things up.  Below you will find her choices ... and her items that she deems necessary for a great day at the pool, lake or the beach. 

Happy Monday! 🌞

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