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Sweet Gifts

Anyone else baking a little bit more than you normally do?  There isn't a week that goes by that we don't have either fresh baked cookies or brownies here at our house.  I am not a baker, but my daughter is and I love watching her create and share her delicious creations with us and her friends.  Watching her bake got me thinking that a box of something freshly baked would be a great way to love on our best friends that we don't get to see enough.  Can you picture it ... a box with warm baked goods, ice cream, and a little something extra to enjoy?  

My wheels were turning and details came together and I know you will absolutely love this idea.  It requires a trip to the grocery store + a pop in to the liquor store (right?) + some time in the kitchen and you have a fabulous little happy to share with someone you wish to shower with love.  I love the idea of spreading the joy to a few different families, and in that case, you will need to take the bottle of Jackson Morgan Southern Cream and divide it into small containers.  It is easy to do and I recommend using these from Amazon. I would make adorable labels for under the lid ... it is so easy to with fabric scraps or thick paper!  

I used a gluten free brownie mix and added some chocolate chips to make it even yummier. We use King Arthur Flower GF brownie mix and have found they taste even better than some box regular varieties. I added the recommended amount of chocolate chips mixed in they suggest in the directions.  Bake as normal with parchment paper in the pan to help you lift out and cut into squares.  I used a piece of parchment paper inside the baking box to keep them from sticking.  I also cut a tiny square for between the brownies so they lifted out easier. I will share that I have always loved the cute little baking boxes you can find and never once had a use for them, since I don't bake.  I think baking brownies from a box and wrapping them up might just make me a (halfway homemade) baker and I love it. 

For my gift basket I added in a pint of ice cream + my favorite dessert addition, a bottle of Jackson Morgan Southern Cream.  I came up with a few ice cream options that paired well with Salted Caramel flavor, vanilla + coffee + vanilla chip.  Can you even ... a warm brownie + coffee ice cream + salted caramel liqueur ... yes please! We always seem to get either Blue Bell or Haagen Dazs when we buy pints of ice cream and I just bought what was on sale. 

The finished product ... a basket I scored while shopping estate sales last weekend + my semi homemade brownies + ice cream + Jackson Morgan and a pack of cute plates + napkins I found at Homegoods.  I really love it and it was easy to do and spreads the love to a family we have not been able to see enough of during the quarantine.  If only I could drive over and deliver a similar one to my parents ... I would love to see their faces when they discovered it on the doorstep.  (Just a note ... make sure your recipient is home because no one wants to have melted ice cream!) I even added a few of our huge gardenias because the smell is just too amazing not to share. 

I got the sweetest message after I honked and left ... I really miss some of the closest people to us, and they needed to know they were missed and loved!  I hope you are inspired to create something similar for those you love and adore, and if you have not tried Jackson Morgan Southern Cream what are you waiting for?!

  Post in partnership with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream



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