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Beautycounter Sale

It is that time of year where I stock up on all my makeup + skin care during the Beautycounter friends + family 15% sale. I buy what I need all year long, but since I joined and started using BC during the summer months I always seem to have a stack of empties that I can refill this time of year. To be completely honest, I wait for this sale as it is the perfect time to get what we all need and save money doing it.  I have told you many times how thankful I am that I switched to safe skincare two years ago and I can see and feel a huge difference in my skin.  Since I am 50 I can not just use anything and think it is going to do what I need it to do, nor do I need to be spending money on products that are unsafe and not going to work.  I can not say it enough ... Beautycounter is hands down the best

I have a list of items for you that I would recommend since this is the question I get most of all.  If you are new to the brand and want to make smart purchases I have listed them in the order I love and use them.  If I didn't own almost every single product, these are the products I would choose in the order I would choose them.  So many of you comment on my skin, thank you so very much, and with the exception of botox above my eyebrows (for an eyelid) issue, I do not do anything more to my skin.  I get such a small amount, not that I am against it in any way, I am just being very transparent.  My bill when I go is between $120-165 and I do not use it under my eyes or anywhere other than above my eyebrows and inside the bridge of my nose. The rest of the skin and wrinkle repair is all 100% due to Beautycounter.  

Here are my recommendations (in order) ...

Dew Skin (available in the Flawless in Five set)

For my girl ...

If you have any questions at all please pop me an email, I am happy to answer.  I am so happy to be able to share safe + effective skin care and makeup with you, and do so with my full confidence behind it.  As you well know ... I 💗 Beautycounter!

Happy Monday!

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