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Things I Love From Amazon

I think the Amazon truck comes to our home at least twice a week, some weeks even more.  I think it is crazy (crazy good) all the items you can find from this one source.  We order everything from coffee, household essentials, clothing, items for school and sports, and even books + TV series.  If I had only purchased Amazon stock when it first began, can you imagine the soar it has experienced since day one?  Since beginning our quarantine the amount of things we order on Amazon has most definitely increased to make our social distancing easier.  I know just in the last two days we have four orders on their way.  We ordered toilet paper, a summer reading book, a part for the coffee maker, and some kick a*# mascara.  That was just two days.  Since what we order and receive has changed quite a bit in the last three months I figured this would be a great time to share what we order time and time again.

shoes + skirt (similar) + sunnies

I have an Amazon store set up which you can visit here.  I keep it up to date with all items I purchase and would purchase again.  It is also a mix of things I really love, so it is also a running wish list. For me purchasing items online keeps the impulse buying to a minimum.  Think about how often you go to Target for two things and your total is $150+.  Not so when you shop online for the exact thing you went for, you don't have to walk through the whole store seeing so many things you don't need.  Honestly, it has saved us so much, and most definitely with our grocery bill.

First up, our coffee and accessories ... every single month like clockwork I order a box of 100 pods of our favorite coffee.  I pay $39 for a box of 100 and I think it is the best coffee we have ever had.  I will tell you that I like strong coffee, so know that when you order my flavor, Maud's has a number of really good options if you prefer something less than burn your throat off. I also buy all of our flavor syrups + pumps and a lot of our Spode items as well. 

Second, the softest leggings ... if you love the expensive leggings than you will love the ones you can find on Amazon.  The legging options are now also blending into shorts, tops and sports bras.  I love the ability to get great items for less than $100 per piece.

Blue + White porcelain ... There are so many great items if you are looking to start or add to your blue and white collection.  I was shocked to find lamps, china, ginger jars, tissue box covers, the list goes on and on.  The prices are very competitive (is that the right word?) and I think it is worth the purchase.

Coffee table books ... I order almost every single coffee table I own from Amazon.  If I do not buy it from the author and get it signed I get it shipped from Amazon. The prices are great and the selection is amazing. I will say my impulse buying when it comes to books is high, they recommend a lot of great titles based on the one I am purchasing so I have found some great ones this way.

Entertaining items ... So many great items on the A, such goodness. I have listed a ton I own, a ton I think are amazing, and a ton I think you will love.

bag (in white) + scarf + sunnies

Have the best Wednesday .. how is it already hump day??

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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