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All The Peaches

Peach season is one of my favorite parts of the summer ... though I will admit all the fruit available in the summer is just amazing.  Living in Georgia our menus include all the peaches from May to the end of July.  Peach pies, cobbler, salads, sauce for meat, salsas, and of course ... peach ice cream.  I honestly can not think of one person I know that doesn't love a ripe and sweet peach, they are just so very good. 

A month or so ago I made a day trip down to my favorite peach orchard, Taylor Orchards in Reynolds, Georgia.  It was the best time for a trip in the car, a visit with some sweet friends, and the opportunity to load up the car with fresh peaches.  Taylor Orchards is owned by the Wainwright family and my sweet friend Avoly invited us to come down for peaches and a tour.  

How could I say no that amazing request?

Peach season in Georgia runs from mid May to early August and they pick the same trees up to six times.  Avoly's husband, Tyler, took us out into the orchards to see the trees, learn about peach growing and to teach me how to pick a peach and what to look for when picking the fruit.  Growing up in a citrus family I can tell you quite a bit about a citrus tree and what is in season, but knew absolutely nothing when it comes to peaches.  The red color and size is how they decide what to pick and they will pick from the same tree multiple times during season.  A peach tree grows for three years before it is harvested and does not produce fruit until the second year.  Tyler told me the second year is all about shaping the tree and getting it ready for the next year's harvest.  They will drop the peaches from the first year and ready the tree for picking the next year. 

The trees and orchards were just beautiful.  The day we went it was breezy and just the perfect day to drive out, see all of the land, and to choose which peaches to pick from the trees.  I only picked three as you can see as most of the fruit that was ripe had just been harvested.  We were treated to bags of peaches when we left so I didn't need to load up in the orchard. 

Look at that goodness ... they smelled just as amazing as they look. On the drive home the whole car smelled of summer and I couldn't get enough of the goodness. Lawyer was all about baking a pie or making cobbler and I was sold on peaches in my yogurt + all the peach ice cream I could make. Luckily I had more than enough to make both of our dreams come true. 

I sported this darling peach summer sweater for the visit and ate my weight in peach soft serve while I was there. Visiting with the Wainwright family was so fun and we sat with four generations talking about the history of the land, the orchards, family time, and more.  I really loved the day so much and was in no hurry to get home.  

Well, I mean until I brought home my peaches for all the goodies to create. 🍑

Peach season ends in a few weeks and I encourage you to snag some.  I cut up a number of them and froze them so we will be making peach recipes for a few months.  I need to do it again and make sure I have some stash.  Tyler recommended letting the fruit sit for a few days before enjoying and I can tell you he was so right ... they were incredible!  

Have the best day ... and add some peaches to your market list!  💙


  1. Peaches and everything peaches are my FAVORITE!!!! Give me all the peaches!! I need to go to this orchard. Looks like a fun day!

  2. What a wonderful day trip, and I love your festive peach sweater. You are too cute. Thanks for sharing.



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