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Six Things I Got + Loved Vol. 3

Happy Monday ... how are you? I am still on a high from the beach and the relaxation and so inspired in so many ways.  In other ways I am sad to be home and faced with school thoughts and news and life.  Life is hard ... taking it day by day and truly leaning into the relaxation I have from vacation and not letting anything tear any moment of that away.  Today I have a long list of things to do and I am excited that so many of them are really good things I am excited to do.  From put away clean clothes to grab flowers at market to water and fertilize plants ... its going to be a full and good day.  💗

I have some fun things to share with you in today's post of six things I got and truly love.  I have not bought a bunch of new things lately and the ones I have bought I am really loving so very much.  I have been cleaning (and selling) so many items and it has been so good to discover some things I forgot I had.  I cleaned out the dining room this weekend and really took stock of what I have and what I can let go of.  Tomorrow's Tuesday Thrift listings will be so good.  With all of that being said I did snag a few things the past few weeks that I really love and have loved using.  

image by Angie Webb Photos

I think you will love them as well ... so here we go!

Anyone else wear Keds back in the day and never take them off?  From high school to college and new mom I wore the HECK out of my Keds.  I always wore the same style ... the classic white with the blue label on the back.  At some point I stopped wearing them, I am not sure why, but it happened.  When I was in St. Simons a few weeks ago I spotted this darling pair of shoes at Two Friends and instantly knew I wanted them.  The girls were swearing about the comfort level and then I tried them on and was hooked.  Of course I loved them ... they were my old Keds with a cool makeover.  I wear them so much and highly recommend them to all who ask about them.  They are soooo cute and so very comfortable!  

About two months ago I poured coffee into an insulated tumbler and was blown away.  Where oh where had I been?  No wonder I see so many people using them and sharing them while they are on walks and out and about.  They keep your coffee so hot and then your cocktails so cold.  There is nothing about a coffee mug at home or a cute cocktail glass and napkin on the patio ... but if I am out at the pool or running errands during coffee hour, I am most definitely using a thermal one.  There are so many good ones, this is the one I have and really love. 

Can I say it for the 1000th time?  I love all things Frontgate.  I have so many amazing products from Frontgate and my newest favorites would be this pair of blue and white pieces.  I have two of the large ones and two of the smaller ones ... I split them up in the house and they are just so good no matter where I put them.  I can not recommend more.  If you want to read more and take advantage of the Frontgate LTK sale, which ends today, check out this post.

I have spent so much time outside this spring and summer, way more than normal and I truly am so thankful.  When we were first quarantined I was outside all the time and the weather was incredible but now it is definitely hot, hot, hot.  I have relied on my UPF clothing so much and it has saved my skin and helped me to be able to do more outside without having to reapply sunscreen all the time.  When we were at the beach wearing a sun shirt and a hat was life giving for the hours I wanted to soak up being outside.  I can not tell you how much I love my UPF clothing.  I am linking every single piece I own below, I recommend every piece!  😎

Palm Beach images by Andrea Kinnear

I posted some stories from my dining room organization this weekend and got so many questions about the antique china I collect.  It is such a beautiful pattern and I have been slowing adding a piece here and there when I find them.  I found a dinner plate on Saturday and came home and was inspired to change up somethings in the dining room which sparked the whole weekend worth of clean out. The pattern is called Cockatrice and it is made by Minton.  I collect the green but it also comes in blue, yellow, pink, turquoise, chartreuse, and brown.  It is truly stunning and I love the vibrant colors in the collection.  The pattern has a oriental phoenix bird with many colors mixed in on a white background.  With the green colorway the colors include pink, yellow, blue, and gold. I really love it so.  Cockatrice was made between the years of 1840 to 1950.  If you love to collect I would recommend checking Chairish, Ebay, Etsy, Replacements, and local shops.  When doing research I discovered that it also comes with scallops ... so I am thinking I would love to mix the green scallops with the regular ones.  Would that not be stunning?

I hope your day is amazing ... do something today to brighten your day and the day of someone else!  


  1. Paige, I love it all, but I especially love every detail of the pink bamboo table setting -- dishes, monogrammed napkins, and those little place cards -- not one detail missed. Thank you. I always look forward to receiving your blogs. Is your husband getting good health reports these days?

  2. Where is your dress from?I love it!

  3. Where do I find your Tuesday Thrift Treasures?



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