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All The Red, White + Blue

top + shorts + shoes (sold out) + sunnies (Celine, but don't see white)

I realized yesterday when I put on one of my favorite August Morgan caftans (sold out sadly) that I definitely get very patriotic this time of year.  I find that I just gravitate toward all the red, white and blue with the beginning of July.  The hydrangeas are in full bloom and I want to wear all the Americana I can find.  Anyone else? So far it is July 3 and I have worn a navy shirt with jeans shorts, a red, white + blue caftan, and today I have planned to wear blue seersucker shorts and my summer Friday t shirt.  Yep ... its a problem. 

Or is it ... 

dress + sunnies (sold out) + earrings

I am going to say no ... its actually the best idea.  I have so many darling blue pieces and white tops I love to wear so I am all in.  The one thing I do have very little of in my wardrobe is red ... but that's ok. I am sure I will find a piece or two out of the cute pieces I have gathered for y'all.  I pulled the cutest choices for wearing all the red, white, and blue this time of year and longer.  I have my eye on a cute flag sweater that will be perfect for this weekend, Labor day, election day and so many more.  Flag sweaters are just the best, don't you think? I recently found a hot pink Ralph Lauren one on Ebay and I can not wait for it to arrive.  As you know ... I am a true prep at heart! 

In my sourcing for you (and me) I added accessories because what is cuter with your white t and jean shorts than a darling pair of bow earrings and an amazing stack of bracelets.  It just dresses up anything, and finishes it off.  All these pieces are sourced below ... and I love them all! 💙

So here you go ... all the red, white + blue goodness for your shopping wants!


  1. So patriotic. I love anything red, white and blue for summer, and I can't wait to see your flag sweater! Cheers and Happy Fourth to you!

  2. Please link the red/white/blue bag. It’s super cute!

  3. I love your style! I also love Bird Bakery. We have one here in San Antonio. So many delicious choices:)



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