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All The Sneaks

I think I have mentioned before that I do not wear socks.  As in do not own a pair and hate the idea of them, truly its a real thing for me. They literally make me feel claustrophobic and I get really uncomfortable.  I know, its odd, but it's true.  There are occasions where I am just freezing and a slipper won't do, but the second I warm up its goodbye to the socks. In this situation I have to go into my daughter's room and take a pair of hers and I always get busted. In that same scenario I do not wear tennis shoes.  I own a few, hardly ever wear them and when I do it is barefoot with powder every single time.  I was never athletic, and I grew up in Florida so I am very comfortable being barefoot and wearing flip flops ... it just is what it is.

I do, however, love a good sneaker.  I own a number of pairs of Tretorns (love them) and this year I have collected quite a collection of cute sneakers to wear with everything from dresses to shorts and love wearing them.  Back in the day I had on a pair of Keds daily ... and loved them so much.  One of my college roommates wore Tretorns and I fell in love with them after trying them on once.  They are insanely comfortable and are such a classic shoe.  My collection consists of this pair of Lilly sneaks, four pairs of Tretorns, including this pair, this pair of Keds, this pair from Nordstrom, and a random pair or two I never wear.  

Since I find sneakers are my go to when getting dressed this summer I decided to share some great ones with you today.  I truly do wear them with dresses, shorts, jeans and do so on repeat. For a girl who dislikes tennis shoes + socks I might be a sneaker addict.  😏

As you can see ... 

I have found some darling pairs to share with you ... I would wear each one of them and own more than half of these!


  1. Omg, I thought I was the only one! Everyone makes fun of me for going barefoot with my tennis shoes, even in cold weather. Thankfully, I live in Texas!

  2. Those are all adorable. I do have a pair of white Keds that I wear sometimes, but I really have to have an arch. Thanks for sharing!



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