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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 4

Happpppy Monday!  I am so thankful for a brand new week, last week was so very hard for me.  My youngest started her sophomore year (gulp), the pup had a load of issues, and the anniversary of surgery, plus a very full moon and I was driving the struggle bus every single day. It became evident to me on Thursday that I just needed to lean in and let it all happen knowing that it would end and I would be thankful I felt all the feelings.  Thank you Jesus for your unending grace every single day. 💗

This is the first full week of school as last week was just half days on Thursday and Friday.  I feel so much more like me today and I am ready to tackle all the goodness.  I am starting the week with one of my favorite posts, sharing things I have bought recently and really loved.  I have so many things to share I intend to combine some of them to make it into six.  

First of all, this dress.  If you do one thing this week treat yourself to this dress in one of the three color ways it comes in, or all three.  I spotted it on a girl I was buying chairs from last weekend and as we were loading the chairs, and sweating so bad, I was grilling her about her dress.  Ordered it immediately and have loved it since it arrived.  I know own this color and this color.  I would wear it every single day if no one would notice, it is that comfy! It may tell you that it won't arrive until October,  but it lies.  

While you are already there you can check out these sunnies + these athletic shorts.  The sunglasses are my favorite pair and this link allows you to get both the tortoise and the black for $20.  They are so cute.  I also own the navy, but I don't see them listed in this link. My daughter swears by these shorts, and has worn them repeatedly for running.  She took up running when every single sport was cancelled in March.  She likes them and I like how easy they wash and dry.  She will only wear the black ones but I do like the white as well. 

I bought these earrings in July to wear with all my red, white and blue.  They are so darling and I will buy almost anything with a bow on it.  I just discovered they come in a blue and white option which is perfect for any outfit you can put together.  Aren't they so stinking cute?

As I shared in Friday's post, the Nordstrom sale is currently on and opens up daily for each level of card holder.  I have purchased a few things, which I have listed for you.  Every single thing I purchased I have purchased before and am restocking or getting a second color.  I am a repeat buyer for those items I love the most.  I got this bra (a new color), this hand cream (its the best), these scrunchies, a new pair of leggings, and some new pajamas.  I know, I have way too many pjs ... but I just love them so. 

While you are shopping at Nordstrom (online) make sure you check out this brand new sunscreen.  It is a safe and fabulous new option on the market.  Designed and created by my friend and doctor Sarah I can not wait for all of you to purchase and absolutely fall in love.  The bottom is refillable and the brush allows for easy application time and time again.  I am so proud of Sarah and can not wait for this product to blow all others away!  

Every single time I post a photo of the kitchen you all ask where we purchased our rug.  You can buy it here, we really like it.  I have the largest size and it is great for the sink area between the island and the stove top.  I frequently find Millie snoozing on it which is the highest compliment she can give anything.  It is most definitely pup approved. 

I am still wearing jean shorts and my Rainbow flip flops (on days where I peel my favorite dress off my body) and I love a cute blue or white top with them.  I have gravitated towards tops I can wear with jeans in a month or so when it isn't as hot as the surface of the sun.  I have this shirt and wear it often.  I have also linked more below that are on my wish list. In my opinion nothing is better than a great top that you can wear with both shorts and jeans. 

Have the best day ... and here's to a brand new week!

Images by Angie Webb Photo + Claudia Floyd

1 comment:

  1. FABULOUS post, Paige (as always). I love that dress and those precious earrings, and I am so glad you are having a better week.



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