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Six Things I Bought + Loved

 As you can tell I took off yesterday to kind of soak up every single minute of the day.  We were celebrating our 25th anniversary and since the last one was spent in the ICU I wanted to treat this year as if it was two years in one, and give it all the attention.  The day started off completely normal, the best plan EVER, and then we both worked all day, also the best way to spend it, and then the evening we hunkered in for take out Chinese and our favorite TV show.  After all the chaos from last year it was exactly how I would have spent it ... doing life things and starting and ending the day with big hugs and lots of love.  I am thrilled to be healthy, happy, and feeling all the blessings that have been poured on us.

Today I have six fun things to share with you ... all of which I bought and love and know you will as well. Nothing earth shattering, but all just great things!  

So here we go ...  

First of all is a chair I bought from Facebook Marketplace.  So obviously I can't share a link and the same chair shows up at your door but I can share my FB marketplace experiences. I snagged a great chintz Chinoiserie chair from a local woman at a fabulous price.  It is truly sooo pretty, and even prettier than it appears in photos.  This is my fourth purchase from marketplace and definitely will not be my last.  I also bought 2 Queen Anne chairs + 8 Chippendale chairs + a pair of antique brass sconces, all of which were equally amazing experiences and left me with ridiculous scores for our home.  I know there are complicated people on marketplace, I had one of those experiences as well 😱, but for the other four it was not only seamless but I feel like I was introduced to four precious women who have shared their homes and treasures with me.  If you have never bought or sold on marketplace I would encourage you to give it a try. When I picked up the most recent purchase I was chatting with the women who taught me how to prune and care for my fig trees when I commented on how plentiful hers were.  I also got a back yard tour + tips on how to garden.  I told you ... magical experiences!  I highly suggest you give it a try. 

Next, I am in love with these leggings.  So leisure wear is something I would never have been comfortable in a few years ago and now I feel like it is something I have to talk myself out of every single morning.  I snagged two pairs of these leggings this week and am currently wearing one pair with another set aside for tomorrow.  They are so comfortable, include a side pocket for your phone, and won't break your wallet. Actually for the price you can share 4 pairs for the price of a high end brand.  For me that is a major win, win.  I love this color and this was my other choice.  I have the mauve pink and smoky green on my wish list. Get yourself a pair or two, you will love them!

I shared these earrings when I posted my last round up of six and I know a number of you ordered them.  When mine arrived they came with extras which I adore as well.  I think you will love all of her earrings, I have linked them below. 

I sold a chinoiserie monkey in my Tuesday thrift sale and my direct messages blew up.  I love them and had one for years and the day it fell off the bar cart and broke I may have shed a tear.  They are so stinking cute and are darling for styling in so many places.  I do not have a source for the exact one I had as I find them on and off while antiquing ... but I did find some in case the look is something you want and like the darker color.  These are definitely not old ones, but some of you may like them anyways.  I gathered a few for you to check out.  This one is super cute, I like his body pattern, and this one is a great option as well. For older pieces check out this cutie + this cute candlestick

So many of you are just like me and love a great summer bag.  There is something about a cute white jean, a fun flowy top, sandals + a great bag.  So many cute ones are currently on sale right now and this is the time to snag them for next year.  Plus ... if you live in the south, like I do, this summer is most definitely not over by a long shot.  I added my favorites below.  I own this one and think its fab-u-lous!

Last, but not least, I spotted these plates last week.  First of all I was sure they were antique and then I realized I was on sweet Maizie Clarke's page, and then the adoration really set in.  These plates are darling!  They would be ideal on any table and would be amazing mixed in with a plate wall. The price is soo good and I snagged a set of four for myself.  I can't recommend this artist enough, she is so very talented and has the most darling gifts.  For me I will be hanging these plates in my dining room, so stay tuned!

I hope your Thursday was a great one, the weekend is so very close!

1 comment:

  1. Love them all, but especially the chair. Do you know where the chair will go? Have a happy weekend, and Happy Belated Anniversary!



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