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Vintage Sheet Crush

When I was very little I stayed with my grandparents in the summer and during other times when I was sick and could not go to school.  At the time we lived about 30 minutes from them and my mother would take me half way and they would keep me at home.  I remember meeting at a certain chicken place somewhere in between like it was yesterday.  The things we recall, if only it was what I did yesterday, 😳.  My grandmother's guest bedroom was a light pink color that filled the whole room with light and fun.  I recall the way it looked, smelled, and most of all laying out on the twin beds she pushed together thinking it was just HUGE.  The biggest bed I had ever seen, can you even imagine how big a king size bed would be to a six year old. And the best part ... the beautiful pink floral sheets.  

This spring when we started spending all of our time at home I spotted a set of Laura Ashley sheets that reminded me of those exact sheets and since I was feeling all sorts of out of sorts at the time I snagged them. They arrived and it was a complete nostalgia moment.  That pattern, although it wasn't the exact one, gave me all the feels and I was all in for it.  

With some research I found that eBay had quite a few amazing sets and I even found some Waverly in a pattern I have always loved.  Yes, I was now collecting sheets ... but is that a bad thing?  Our master is made with my favorite sheets, ever, but our guest rooms now have vintage sheets and I am loving it so much. I will even share that when I need a real retreat from the time at home I have slept in the guest room.  I mean ... it does seem like a hotel if you must know. 😂

I promised to share how to fold sheets like this to more than a few of you on Instagram.  I know it seems so hard but it isn't once you get it.  For me my mother is the master of folding sheets and has taught me so well. I love keeping my sheets folded together in the linen closet, it makes changing the sheets on the bed so easy since all of the pieces are already folded together. I have a number of pillow cases I will add in to make it more layered, and those are all stacked together and easy to see. 

My love for these older percale sheets is fierce.  I am quite the hunter and have found a set or three while estate hunting recently.  The best source I have found is still eBay since they have a huge selection.  I have picked all of my favorites for you below ... and they are all so pretty.  You can also think of the top sheet as fabric ... maybe you don't want them as sheets, but a shower curtain, lampshades?  

The options are limitless for sure!

Here's to all the vintage sheet goodness ... the grandmillenial in me is ALL IN. 💙

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