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Updated Entry

In March, actually two weeks before quarantine began I bought a beautiful chest for our home.  My original plan was to use it in our son's room as he took his when he moved out.  When I moved the chest in from the car I left it in the entry since it was heavy and I was tired.  The next morning, I came down and while staring at it with my coffee in hand I decided to give it a try as the piece in the entry way.  I decided to leave it there on a trial basis and move the white lacquered piece into the hall way to see which I like best.  I can say after five months of "trying it", it is official, we have a new piece in the foyer!

For a few years now we have had a beautiful Chinoiserie server that was lacquered white in the foyer.  I love the piece (will keep it forever) but when we changed up the foyer a few years ago the white chest on next to the white molding kind of bothered me.  I toyed with repainting the white piece and could not decide on a new color, so for many months I just lived with it as it was.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought a wood piece would make it feel better but I could not find one I loved and every other chest in our house had another use.  So ... it remained where it was. 

Until I accidentally left the piece I was planning to use in our oldest's room in the foyer due to arriving home late from a road trip and leaving it in the entry for the evening.  Standing there with my coffee that morning I recall tilting my head and thinking ... will this piece work here

I can tell you the white piece was left in the den for many months waiting for me to make a final decision.  Yep, just sat there and waited for me all awkward like ... and honestly embarrassing.  It is a heavy piece and I did not want to ask anyone to help me move it if I was not 100 percent sure it would stay where they moved it.  This weekend I decided to make a final decision and the Chinoiserie piece now lives in the guest room and this beautiful chest lives here in the foyer. 

Isn't she so pretty

I love having a piece that doesn't blend in and gives me more color and texture in the space.  I also love having the wood to help balance all the color, I feel like it plays together really well. Long story short, I love her here.

So ... for now it lives here and I am back on the hunt for a chest for the oldest.  Luckily for now we added a desk in the room and Lawyer is using it as his office, so that takes all the pressure off.  We will use this space as an extra bedroom when the time comes and we have company once again.  Can that be soon, pretty please?  

Happy Tuesday ... 💙

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. What is name of blue paint color in your foyer? It is awesome!

  2. The company I purchased my kitchen hardware from led me here. Your use of color is refreshing and such a departure from todays sterile trends. So many ideas for inspiration.



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