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My Favorite Nightgown

 About a month ago I spotted Emily Hertz sharing a new to her nightgown that caught my eye.  I loved the idea of it, but thought it may be a little too frilly for me.  I checked out the details on her blog and quickly realized I was not only sucked in but found myself buying two different styles immediately.  Fast forward a few days later when the first one arrived and I knew the second I put it on at bedtime I was in love.

I really enjoy a bedtime routine.  As much as I love getting up early and starting the day before anyone else, I also really love getting ready for bed.  I wash my face, put on pajamas, and love to crawl into our bed and read, needlepoint, or watch TV before bed.  That evening I put on my newly arrived nightgown straight from the dryer and felt like I had been given the best gift of the day. It was ah-mazing.  I am not sure how to properly describe it for you except to say it is the thinnest, softest cotton you can buy.  It reminds me of vintage sheets with their perfect percale.  Simply put, it's the best

A few days later the second one arrived (the one I was sure was too frilly) and I loved it just as much, if not more than the first.  It is the most amazing blue, has the best collar and the sleeves are really just its best feature.  I can not say enough great things, you need these nightgowns.  

Oh, and they make robes! This one will be the next purchase I make from the company ... isn't it so very pretty?

Treat yourself to one, grab one for your mother and another for your best friend, you will be happy you did.  They are really just that good.  I would have sworn it wasn't for me and yet weeks later I am still obsessed with them and telling everyone I know to grab them as well.  Maybe its the heat, maybe its the pandemic, but I truly can't get enough of wearing them. 💙

Oh, and before you ask ... I will do a whole post on vintage sheets and how to wash them when you score them at an estate sale.  And ... bonus, how to fold a fitted sheet well.  I promise it isn't as hard as it looks!

Happy Monday!

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. The nightgowns are wonderful. I have purchased two of them. Question-do you machine wash them? Any special suggestions?

  2. Just found your blog by Pinterest. First, glad I found it. Second, yes to the gown! It's important to sleep in something comfortable AND pretty. After all, we spend a third of our life sleeping! Third, I got caught up by the chinoiserie in the first place. Redoing my flat in the 50s 60s vibe. Bit midcentury modern, bit French provincial, bit chinoiserie... Like they did then.



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