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Entertaining Beautifully

image by Simon Upton

Stop the presses!  Ha ... literally since this post is all about a great new design book you need for your library, coffee table, gift giving list, and for your best friend.  In case you missed the news Aerin Lauder has a brand new book and it is good.  As in, really, really good and you are going to want it asap.  Think all things classically Lauder + entertaining tips and images.  It is really that good.

image by Simon Upton

For me the name Estee Lauder has always meant excellence, traditions, family + elegance and Aerin Lauder has most definitely carried out her family's legacy with all of those accolades and more.  Her first book was quickly added to my library and I have repeatedly shopped her collections with Williams Sonoma as they are truly such classic pieces.  Funny story, I accidentally bought a set of 8 of her amazing blue + white scalloped plates on sale (here currently in red) only to realize I had already purchased the same 8 plates and now I own 16.  Luckily, they are amazing plates! 😂 I love following along with Aerin on social media and seeing her share her home, her family, and her outings, and her style.  She has such an elegance and strong sense of tradition just like as her grandmother did.  I was thrilled to learn she had released a new book and instantly added it to my book wish list. 

Image by Lindsay Stall

To describe the book without giving away all the goodness I can share that it is exactly what the title shares it will be, Aerin Lauder entertaining and all of its glory. Each page shares events, family gatherings, and holidays and how Aerin loves to celebrate them.  Tips and tricks with lots of stunning photos is the best way I know to describe the goodness.  I have flipped through the book now twice and added it to the table in our master bedroom where I sit and relax.  It is to the left of my chair so that I can easily pick it up, take it in, and instantly be inspired.  I love that it takes about family, traditions, and entertaining in a time where family gatherings truly mean the most to us all.

image by Simon Upton

I have images to share with you from the Christmas portion of the book, and they are truly so beautiful.  The navy walls and built ins she shares are swoon worthy.  I love her home decorated for the holidays, it has my mind filled with ideas for decorating our home this year. 

image by Simon Upton

Those walls, her dress, the books, the tree ... it will have your mind filled with ideas and this is just one tiny piece of the stunning images each chapter contains. The trim on the shade below, I do love a great trim with a simple lamp shade!

image by Simon Upton

Are you ready to take in the rest of the book?  You can purchase it here ... and as I said before, this would be an amazing gift for the holiday season.  Gift it to your best friend, your sister, your mother, a design book collector friend ... so many options. For a complete set, here is her first book, Beauty At Home.

image by Simon Upton

The stack of red books is just so beautiful with the bowl of red ornaments, I may have to use more red this year!  I absolutely love seeing her use beautiful silver pieces for her collections ... I think it is such a classic selection. 

Have the very best Thursday ... and do not forget to add Entertaining Beautifully to your cart!  💗

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