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French Curtain Rods

via Pinterest

If you take notice in magazines and designers work you will see a number of French curtain rods emerging in the design world.  I had seen them here and there for a bit and then began to notice them more and more.  At first I assumed (silly me) that it was just a small brass rod and then with more detective work noticed that they have a return on the side and were much more classic than my first impression.  After going down a rabbit hole (anyone else do this?) I noticed that so many of the interior designers I love to peruse were using them quite a bit. With even more digging I found the proper name for the rods and the history behind their usage. 

A French rod, or French pole, is one that instead of cutting off in midair is a curtain rod that returns to the wall. French style curtain rods are seeing some major love at the moment with designers and homeowners as a way to add a classic and traditional feel to a patterned and "busier" drapery.  I love that the rod extends into the wall without the finial on the end and feeling like the curtain rod has a beginning and end.  The rod can be a number of finishes but I prefer the classic brass paired with simple brass rings.  With a French rod the focus is on the drapery instead of the hardware, but yet the hardware does have a story to tell. 

According to Designer Drapery Hardware these curtain rods are "one of the most popular window treatments. Elegant and durable, bent French Returns add style while providing full fabric closure on both ends of your drapery treatment. Perfect for grommet, tab-top and rod-pocket style treatments. And, completely functional for draperies with rings when using optional bypass brackets." I love that they are deemed sturdy and elegant ... two words you don't often see together and maybe should be a lot more. 

What it says to me ... I am classic + fabulous ... and have you seen my best friends, these drapes? 😂

via Kate Smith Interiors 

My friend and fellow Instagram hashtag partner Kate Smith has used them recently in work and was so kind to share some images with me.  Although not professional images her work and details shine in the pictures below.  In case you don't follow Kate's work you can do so on her website and on Instagram.  I love her pattern play, her attention to detail and the amazing colors she uses.  Kate is one of my favorite people to follow.   Oh, and a bonus ... her style is amazing!

via Kate Smith Interiors 

I mean, can you even with this bedroom?

While in Charleston last weekend I noticed that my dear friend Krystine also had French rods in her home.  Using the classic brass the rods truly were so beautiful but yet let the drapery really shine.  I walked from room to room and just loved the look.  Since I am working in our dining room at the moment I considered using these rods in place of the wood rods currently hanging hoping to create an updated look with the same drapery.  Krystine shared her source, a rod or two, and I am on my way to checking them out in our home.  

I found some amazing sources to share ... all of which are incredible options at affordable prices.  If you have existing drapery that might need a rod refresh you can check out these finds. 


  1. Just beautiful. Can't wait to see the dining room changes.

  2. French curtain poles really are the best of both, they look great and function so well for blocking out light and draughts. Another great place to view and buy French style poles online is from Linear
    Thanks for a great blog post.

  3. I love French return rods. I have these at my home and love them French Return Curtain Rods Honesty, once I tried them, i stopped buying Final rods completely.



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