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Hey, Hi ... What's Up?

How are you?  How are you doing, feeling, coping in these strange times?  I was sitting here this morning listening to Lauren Daigle as the sun poured into my otherwise dark office and just felt peaceful.  But I was also aware that I have had a few days very recently where I felt completely frazzled and anxious and uncertain. The struggle bus was very real and I had to use all of my tips and tools to control my anxiety. It made me aware that I am on a weekly, sometimes daily, roller coaster to have peaceful days and moments, but aren't we all?  These days and months are unprecedented and hard and we all need all the grace that can be handed out.  

So, on that note?  How are you? 

Lauren Daigle just said the words I am feeling in these times and weeks. "When you don't move the mountains I needed you to move, when you don't part the waters I wish I could walk through ..." Isn't that perfect for where we are.  We all want Covid to go away as quickly as it descended on us.  We want our "normalcy" back.  We want gatherings and family and trips and all of it. But, it isn't happening and she goes on to sing the truth ... "when you don't give the answers as I cry out to you, I will trust, I will trust in you." 💗

As I posted on Monday mental health is a real thing on any given day but right now it is even more important than ever.  There is so more uncertainty and even the most balanced people are struggling.  This is hard and people are really hurting. Check on your family, your friends and your neighbors.  One of the biggest things I learned during our difficult year was how to send a message to another when you don't know what to say. I would get messages, emails, and texts that would say that people were thinking of us but honestly didn't know what to say.  The truth was I didn't know what to say either.  I had no words of wisdom at all, I was holding on by threads and all the grace.  There was nothing anyone could say to me that would bring change or complete peace to the days.  The fact that people would reach out and just say I am thinking of you, praying for you, loving you ... any combination of those was amazing.  Please read that again, it was the simple words of thinking of you, or praying for you, or here for you, or loving you that was everything.  It let me know that others were there even though there was nothing they or I could do.  It mattered to me.  

When you have someone struggling ... all you need to do is let them know you are there.  If there is anything you can do for me they will let you know.  It is everything to know there is a group waiting and ready to help, even if no one can really help you.   I sent many responses that simple said thank you, keep praying, it means everything, and we love you and added a red heart.  Their simple act of the message was truly so comforting.  If you find yourself in a situation, send a message ... it does help, I promise. 

I have learned that I need some down time + blank space in my schedule to be able to work better and more efficiently and this was a lesson that the last year has taught me. Sometimes listening to peaceful music and turning my phone on silent is a huge help for anxiety.  A glass of ice cold water with a protein based snack works as well.  And sometimes a hot (or cold) shower and starting over is also a great thing for me.  My point to all of this, recognize the feelings you are having if you can and take care of you.  Mask on you first, always, and then help another.  

I hope you are well, I hope you are holding up, and most of all I hope your day is a great one.  You are loved!  💗


  1. Thank you for reminding me of one of my favorite songs. I often listen and apply it to my own life and ur current situations.

  2. Your post was so timely for me to read this morning.Thank you for giving me some ways to cope & to remember others are struggling along side me. Prayers for us all as we get through these days.



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