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My Eyewear Collection

The number one question I get from readers and followers is ... where did you get your glasses?  I can recall many years ago when I had perfect vision thinking it was so cool seeing others wear different and fun frames.  Fast forward to turning 40 and the "dream" of wearing cool glasses and looking sophisticated became a real reality when my eyesight went from 20/20 to needing a pair of readers to now requiring glasses most of the time.  When I started wearing them I decided I would pick great ones, ones I loved picking up and putting on ... and I now have quite the collection.  This collection is one I get so many compliments on and questions about daily, so I decided the best way to help you all pick ones you love is to share details on where mine are from, how I order them, and what makes a cool pair for me. 

Peepers Standing Ovation in black

I think the biggest trick I can share is to pick a pair of glasses you like and feel confident in. For me that is a statement, oversize pair that hides all the issues I don't want to deal with ... as in the area around my eyes.  I have a hereditary condition that causes the skin over my eye lids to become heavier with age.  I am about to the point of having it surgically fixed, but others in our family have needed things that I just keep putting it off.  I get Botox to help this and to help my vision, as it does mess with my peripheral sight at times.  For me a bigger frame makes this instantly disappear when I catch myself in the mirror.  Also ... and this is the best part ... I know need glasses for distance, computer + reading sot that requires a larger and more complicated lens.  I learned long ago adding that much to a small pair of glasses would only make me nauseated when I tried to wear them. So, first tip for my choices ...
pick a big frame. 

(my collection from a few years ago)

From top left to bottom right :
eyebobs Butch || Prada (eye doctor) || eyebobs (similar) || Betsey Johnson ||  eyebobs || Betsey Johnson Coastal ||eyebobs Take A Stand || Chanel (eye doctor)

When choosing frames I gravitate toward tortoise, black, green, + solid colors.  The pair of Prada round red ones seen above I adore that are for computer use only.  They are truly just the cutest things I own, and I adore them.  Some of my frames are from the eye doctor but I learned a while back I can either have two pairs that I purchase at the doctor or many more that I purchase frames and then have the lenses traded out at a discount location.  Obviously, the later was the path I chose

Chanel from eye doctor

When choosing frames outside of the eye doctor I have three vendors I shop repeatedly and love ... Warby Parker, eyebobs, and Peepers. With both Warby Parker + eyebobs you can have them delivered to you with your prescription already installed, but with Peepers you need to take them and have them traded out at a local eye glass store or my personal favorite, Costco. If you only require readers than I would suggest you snag all you love and trade them out as if they were your new favorite accessory ... you can even keep them in a bowl on your bedside table ready for use at any time. 

Even if you do not require glasses to see you should consider getting a pair with no correction but with blue light to keep your eyes safe.  We use our phones and computers more than ever right now and the blue light will wear your eyes out so fast.  I have found I get headaches so much more from my eyes just being tired.  And needing them for the blue light makes them even more fun!

So ... which ones would I chose from the retailers above ... I am happy to share!

Warby Parker - 

I love the Kimball in Marzipan

Griffin in Acorn Tortoise

Hallie in Lapis (that blue)

eyebobs - 

Art in Revolution in Cobalt 

Sinner in Navy

Knockout in Black Tortoise (these seem smaller, but I love them)

Peepers - 

Center Stage in red (I own it in tortoise)

Coffee Shop in blonde tortoise

Standing Ovation in all colors (I have black), Bravado in all colors (my favorite pair, I own in tortoise + black)


Anyone else love a great pair of glasses? 👓


  1. I've often gotten great optical frames by designers (Gucci, Celine, Alexander McQueen, etc.) from discount stores like TJ Maxx as well! And then (like you mention), take them somewhere like Costco to have lenses put in.

  2. Yes, I do! Great post, and just in the nick of time. I wear glasses, and I have an eye appointment this month, so this helps me tremendously. Thanks so much, Paige.



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