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A Fall Playlist

Are you moved by music as much as I am?  I think it started for me working retail when I first moved to Atlanta.  We had seasonal tracks we played and to this day if I hear one of those songs I am taken right back to the mid 90's and stocking shelves + motivating a team. The biggest imprint of all would be Christmas music, it instantly will remind me of a holiday collection of clothes ... am I the only one who ties music to experiences?

I love to create play lists and have put together a playlist for fall.  For me the days where the air has been crisp with music playing in the house has been so good for fully leaning into this new season.  The playlist is almost four hours long, so you can begin it around 8 or so after coffee and it will take you to lunch.  There is a variety of music ... I love the mix. I made sure it is clean and appropriate for all ears.  

I hope you love, I sure do!

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