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On My Radar

Happy, happy Monday!  I am pretty much in shock that we are entering the end of October.  Please someone else tell me that I am not the only one who things time is flying by in warp speed?!  I swear it was just early September like 2 weeks ago.  I hope your weekend was a good one, ours was equal part relaxing + productive so I will call that a major win.  It is the beginning of the week and I am ready to make a plan and see it happen. I was just looking through my photo stream for an image to share with you and noticed I seem to have screen shots of the same thing over and over ... so clearly I have some things on my radar, four of them to be exact. Do you do the same, screen shot things and then go back and see you clearly have some ideas on your brain?  I think this would be such a great topic of conversation, so ... what is on your radar?

Here is what is on mine ... 

First up, beautiful antique china cabinets.  I saw this image on Pinterest a few weeks ago and can not shake it.  I know I am planning to paint our china cabinet, I need to do that this weekend, but also would another piece be the better plan.  The cabinet we have is large! and very deep and it takes up so much room in the space.  I find myself wondering if I would be better to move it to the basement and use it for holding movies, etc. and replace it with a wood piece.  I have been scouring estate sales + Marketplace for two weeks and still can't shake the idea that it is the better option.  I spotted one this weekend that would have been perfect, and missed out on it, and I have been sad about it ever since.  It is pictured above and meets all my requirements ... great details, wide but not too wide, great storage but not too deep. #sad It was even more beautiful in person, and the wallpaper was to. die. for! I really think a beautiful antique piece is the right answer.  Of course, then I would need to go through the cabinet and only keep what we use and love ... which probably should have happened earlier this year.  I will keep you updated, but I am thinking this is the plan.  We will most definitely be keeping the piece we own, just re-purposing it for another room.  That piece is so pretty and I love it so, I could not part with it. 

If you are like me and hunting something similar ... here are my sources I scour.  I definitely search the estate sales in my area (easy delivery) + Facebook Marketplace (also easy delivery) + Chairish + local antique shops.  There are some stunning pieces on Chairish similar to the one I lost out on at the sale ... but I would have loved the $900 price tag vs $2000k plus.  I will still keep hunting. 

Second, lampshades ... and more specifically pleated ones and ones with great trim.  I have some simple white shades in the house and they are just begging to be dolled up.  I keep saving images of stunning shades and I have a few that I would like to trade out.  Lamp shades are a great way to add some beauty and pattern to a room.  I snagged two small pattern pleated ones from an estate sale a few weeks ago and it started me on a path to trade out the plain ones we have in the house.  The image above from Mark Sikes makes a simple white shade seem silly.  Why a simple shade when you can add some great trim on it?

If you are with me and need a sources for shades I follow a few sources on Instagram which I can share.  I can cover a lampshade with a flat design but I can not pleat and I so wish I could.  I think the draw for me is the combination of the pleat + the small pattern.  I am really drawn to small patterns at the moment. If you wish to snag one I would recommend this sources online ... Lumen Lamps (@lumenlampsnash) + Edgar Reeves Lighting (@edfarreeveslighting) + Cruel Mountain Designs on Etsy (@cruelmountaindesigns).  Prepare yourself for some serious goodness on their Instagram accounts, they are each so pretty!  The Enchanted Home also sells darling small pattern pleated shades and you can peruse her selection here

Next ... Stubbs + Wooten.  I love a loafer and most definitely in the fall with jeans and a great sweater!  I snagged a great pair a few weeks ago and have worn them a ton since they arrived so of course now I am down the Stubbs rabbit hole once again.  They are so stylish and there are so many great pre owned options online in case you don't wish to pay full price.  I am constantly checking both The Real Real and eBay for items in my saved search.  There are so great options.  I snagged a pretty needlepoint pair yesterday and have my eye on another pair as well.  If you love Stubbs I highly recommend you check out both of the sources above.  There are really a ton of great ones for amazing prices.  For the price of a new pair I have snagged three pairs.  A number of you spotted my new pair in my stories on Thursday ... they are pink velvet mules with ginger jars on them ... and I love them!

At the moment I have my eye on some green velvet ... oh and also more pink!

And last ... pumpkins + mums.  This year I am all about the pumpkin and mum displays, which is not usual for me.  I have always had serious bad luck with mums and I always regret buying them.  This year I watched two different videos on Instagram on how to care for them and somehow my black thumb has turned around.  I have been hunting pink mums for weeks and I am still looking for them.  I see them online so is that real pink or just light purple?  Who knows ... but I am working on my own steps which I will share later this week.  I bought a ton of pumpkins and have stacked them with mums which are blooming so well.  Two friends walking last week even complimented my current pumpkin + mum display and I think I instantly felt so much pride.  I always think my pumpkin display is lacking ... but this year it seems better.  Maybe I finally figured it out?  We shall see this week!

I hope your Monday is a great one ... who else is loving this weather?!


  1. I still haven't found pink mums anywhere around here! I have two lavender/pink ones I bought at Publix in September and I haven't seen anymore :( I'll let you know if I do!!

  2. Good luck with your china cabinet search. I hope you will be sharing your pumpkin and mum display with us. Have a great day!



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