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Happy October

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It has been a busy week ... I promise I will get it together and be back to posting five days a week next week! Every single time I got the time to write something would interrupt me and I could not get back to it.  This week we have a brand new driver ... sniff ... and that is lots of details to start out, plus I am finishing up for next week's launch, and wow, just busy being a mom.  I am not complaining one single bit but I need to get back on my own schedule for my own sanity, I do love a routine!

Happy, happy October!!!  I posted everyone's favorite door photo yesterday and, as usual, it was a hit.  The wreath is from Homegoods two years ago and I used a roll of black and white gingham ribbon from Hobby Lobby to create it.  I loved the result and love that so many of you love it too!!  I so wish I had a link for you to buy one, I would sell a ton, but I don't since Homegoods is buy what they have when they have it.  I have heard from a number of you that you have seen it since I got mine, so keep your eye out.  It is a great wreath and mine has held up well, two years and she still looks great. 

I hope your week was a great one, the weather was stunning where you are, and you are ready for a great weekend!  

Happy, happy Friday!

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  1. That is a beautiful wreath, and it might be easy to make. Thanks for sharing.



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