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Do You Shop Thrift?

I chatted about my love for thrifting great pieces of clothing and accessories in this blog post and got a lot of great emails.  I think it is apparent to me that a lot of us enjoy finding great pieces (both mainstream and luxury items) at incredible prices.  I remember buying my first Louis Vuitton Neverfull on my 40th birthday with money my grandmother sent me.  She told me to spend it on something fancy for myself and I did.  I love that bag, I love that seeing it reminds me of the gift, and it is a timeless piece that has aged and worn so well.  That being said ... I do love buying luxury pieces second hand, and getting a great deal while doing so.  I have purchased two pairs of Stubbs & Wooten loafers, numerous luxury scarves, and a second great Louis Vuitton bag second hand.  I can't say enough about it ... and have some tips and tricks for you to do the same. 

So ... my first tip would be to shop smart.  I either buy my pieces from someone I know can be trusted or a website that I know does their homework and guarantees the brands they sell.  I would not be comfortable buying an Hermes scarf from someone I was not sure knew what they had for $200 to $300 or so if I was not sure of their reputation.  I shop the same companies again and again and am always hunting for a new accessory this time of year.  There is something about fall that makes me want to wrap myself in a scarf, wrap or the like and choosing a luxury piece is a real treat.  For me I have purchased scarves from two different sellers, and would recommend both.  The first is an antique dealer in the antiques section of Highpoint Market and the second would be an antiques shop here in Atlanta, Antiques & Beyond.  I would expect to spend between $200 - $300 depending on the scarf you choose.  Both of these locations are so good about knowing what they have, what they would run for resale and can help you with all of your questions.  The same for luxury bags ... make sure you know you are getting exactly what you think you are paying for, do your homework.  I have purchased from The RealReal, eBay, and thredUP and would recommend them all. 

Second, do not be deterred by the condition.  With resale you will have some wear and tear.  Of course I would not purchase a scarf with a tear or obvious wear, but with a great bag you will have some wear areas on the leather and, for me, that is more than ok.  I love that my Louis has worn straps and the age shows on it.  It is more than 10 years old and the straps are one of my favorite details.  You should be able to see all the photos and they should tell you all about the wear on each piece you are looking at, if not I would skip the piece.  

Last, there are some really great deals on resale pieces. I am currently coveting a larger Louis Vuitton Speedy and have been watching numerous sites to find one I love.  I decided earlier this year I would treat myself to two things for this big birthday and I have been looking for quite a while.  The Speedy is one of the things on my wish list + a pair of shoes is the other.  When I find them I will share, I have been really picky and am still looking.  What I love about shopping resale is that you can find a great deal on a bag you love for a fraction of the price, and if you do your homework, you can get a mint piece.  For example, this bag is a great deal ... and one of you should definitely snap it up!!

One of my most frequent sources to scour is eBay.  eBay is known for their luxury brand checks and they also stand behind their return policy.  If it is not what you thought it was you can return it for your money back.  When you are buying luxury items they will want to show you the item is authentic, check the photos for the labels and double check if you have questions. Read every word of the description, check out all the photos, read the reviews from the seller, you will know if you have picked an item that doesn't feel right for you.  I have picked my favorite bags for you to check out below ... remember I am a Louis girl, I just love them so!

I picked some items for you to check out ... there are great deals to be found and the hunt is always the best part for me!

Have the best day!

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