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The Strand

I was checking out the news, etc. online this morning and noticed a article about one of my favorite New York stops, the Strand bookstore. I have mentioned before loving bookstores and libraries and getting lost for hours just wandering the aisles and the shelves.  While estate sale shopping I always stop at the books, checking the titles for anything to add to my own collection or something fabulous for resale.  The article shared that this iconic New York bookstore is truly struggling with the economy the way it is and the lack of patrons due to quarantine.  They have been very forthcoming with their needs ... they need their fans to shop online, pop in if you are in New York, and purchase from them or they will have to chose their doors.  

I have only visited the Strand once in person and have shopped many times online.  I recall shopping a few years ago and having to carry a large stack of my discoveries on the plane.  It was heavy and I remember being frustrated that I didn't ship them, but also so happy to be able to peruse them while flying home and loving every second.  The magic of The Strand is in the hunt, they carry both new and used books and I loved being able to mark some favorites off my list as I hunted the floors and the areas outside.  I could have stayed for hours, but with all things and trips to the city, it was cut short to be able to make my flight. 

If you have never visited this historic bookstore in person you will not understand its magic, but if you have you understand my desire to show them some business.  The Strand opened in 1927 and is a family owned store. They buy and sell books and cultivated a customer base over the years that I highly respect. Bookstores are magical places where children and adults can truly foster a love of learning and reading which can carry them their whole lives. I am so sad to hear of their struggles and instantly spent some time shopping online. 

One of the most fun things about their online shop is the ability to purchase books by color.  If you are designing a space or working on your bookshelves you can color block your shelves or add to the books you have with a color that would work well your decor. They sell color block sections of books by the foot, so for the price you are getting 12 inches of color for your shelves. I will admit to checking out this section today just admiring all that amazing color, isn't it incredible?

I snagged five books, and all but one of them was used so my prices were amazing.  I love to check out a number of sections.  I always look for my favorite design books, books about history (very important today), my favorite authors, classic coffee table books, and then of course anything that sparks my eye. I got a used Carolyne Roehm book, two used White House decor books, a great book on Sister Parish, and an old Martha Stewart cookbook.  I can not wait for them to arrive ... it will be evening reading for a week!

Please consider shopping at The Strand ... I feel like Kathleen Kelly doing her best to save her family store, The Shop Around The Corner.  There is just something special about a historic bookstore, especially in New York City. 



  1. What a lovely gesture! So thoughtful of you to shaare your platform to help a seller in need.

    Enjoy your finds . . .

  2. I have never been, but I do love old book stores. I just subscribed.



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