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My New Estate Sale Bag

Since I seem to be shopping estate sales weekly now I needed a bag stocked with goodies to make the day go smoothly. Estate sales are different than antique shops because you have to make decisions so very fast and there may not be time to think on items before someone else snags it.  I prep my bag with all I need to make it work and set out for the day.  I love using this new St. Anne tote from Barrington Gifts as it is filled with pockets and is so roomy so I can load it down with smalls and littles and leave my hands free for bigger items.  Barrington Gifts is always a go to for me since I can design them as I want ... and this fall bag is one of my favorites so far. 

I love all this camo, you may be surprised to learn that fact, so this camo floral had me at first glance.  I love how well the blues and greens mix together and the large monogram is just everything and more.  I knew I wanted a piece with the large initials since they released it last year, I just love them.  I actually wasn't sure which way the initials would look the best and the team was more than kind to send me an email with all of my options so the decision process would be much easier.  And it was.  I took a look at all the possibilities and made a quick decision ... and I love it so.

(For reference my monogram is the navy with light blue shading and I chose the navy leather.)

I also ordered a sunglass case for the fall and I think it coordinates so well. Gingham paired with camo ... yes please! (For reference the monogram is light blue shaded in the green to match.)

I pack the many pockets in my tote with supplies.  I have a go to pile and it seems to work.  First of all, extra masks and hand sanitizer, since you are out and about with others. Second, I add in a small pack of wipes since estate sales can mean dusty items and I want to wash my hands before sanitizing them. Next I pack a water bottle and snacks since it could be a long day and no body wants to be hungry while shopping.  My goal is to be over prepared to be able to snag the best of the best. Last the things I need for the sale ... a tape measure, sold stickers, a pad with my wish list, and a pen.  I also have my car keys, eye glasses, wallet + checkbook since different vendors take different payments. The St. Anne tote makes taking all this things possible as the many pockets frees up the large space in the bag.  Large space = more smalls, and that is a great thing

Oh, and if you know me well you know that smirk always comes after finding great pieces to share with you.  Shopping for others is one of my favorite things to do and I always get excited thinking of all the places you can use what I find. 

Need a new bag, hunting for items for holiday gifts?  You can not go wrong with a Barrington bag ... and the options are truly endless!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. That is adorable. They have some amazing bags. Happy shopping!



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