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Bourbon Apple Cider Goodness

For me apple cider is the ideal sign of fall, when the markets start carrying it I know fall is coming quickly.  The best apple cider I have ever tasted is found at our favorite apple orchard which is about 90 minutes away, but I think Trader Joes comes pretty close.  I like a cloudy cider with lots of crisp flavors + cinnamon ... and I like it ice cold. Since you know I love bourbon and we drink more of it in the fall the apple cider makes a perfect base for a cocktail if you are entertaining.  I make a batch of punch and then you can serve it as is for a group, and add spirits to it as you wish.  It is so very yummy!

I mix one whole quart of cider with some extra ingredients in a glass pitcher and then leave it in the fridge to get extra chilly.  Pour the apple cider in the pitcher and then add the following; 1 tsp cinnamon + I tsp allspice, 2 cans of ginger beer, and the juice of two oranges.  It tastes so good as is ... but is super yummy with a splash of bourbon and some rosemary for garnish.  The flavors mix so well and it is a true fall in a cup moment.  🍁

Try it for your next gathering, no matter how small, or make some to take to a friend.  I love a great punch recipe, it is just so good. 

Happy Friday to you all!  🍂

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