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Cornucopia Goodness

This fall may be the prettiest I have ever seen.  The trees are in full color and driving in our area is just magical with all of the gorgeous colors in full show. I think the seasons this year have been my favorite, the spring was stunning, the summer was perfect, and now the fall is just as amazing.  I do love a crisp morning seeing all the trees blowing and the leaves falling.  It has been true magic. 

When it comes to decorating for fall I am more of a wait until Halloween girl.  I love using pumpkins to decorate our front steps, and this year I went all out and bought more + more of them.  I feel like every single time I went to Trader Joes I bought more, which may be the exact thing that happened.  I started the area with six large orange ones and two geraniums and then just kept adding.  I truly loved it.  

When it comes to decorating inside I usually stick to just pumpkins and a great wreath, and I have always loved it.  This year when I was shopping I spotted a darling pink cornucopia and all bets were off.  It was just so pretty and screaming my name.  Pink + cornucopia ... yes please!  By the time I added it to our table I was only able to grab a few small pumpkins + gourds, I so wish I planned better.  I filled in with some pretty greens and just styled them together.  In the end I think it is truly so pretty ... and has been so fun to set the table with the darling cornucopia in the center of the table. 

Even though the typical colors of fall are heavy in the oranges, reds and yellows, those are completely me so I mixed in some fun blue, pink, and green to the oranges and greens.  I really love how it looks and it lets me use some fun dishes I own + mix in an old, but amazing, green tablecloth. I so wish Williams Sonoma sold this one each year.  Many years and it is still so very good.

I mixed this pretty china I found recently with my collection of Danish Princess silver plate flatware. I have slowly been collecting this pattern, and it is growing slowly but nicely.  I love the details on this pattern and will offer to my daughter in laws when that time comes.  My daughter has a pattern I have collected for her so it only seemed fair to collect for the boys as well.  My thought is they will both have a set of this to have and I hope their wives love it so. 

I love this centerpiece + tablecloth so much I may leave it up until right before Thanksgiving.  Isn't it just so pretty?  The soft green + all the other colors really made me so happy pairing it together.  I also used a set of King's Crown glasses.  While shopping for my resale account I found two sets of these glasses + 2 sets of the sherbet size.  I sold three sets of them and kept six glasses for myself and I am so glad I did, the blue is just so very pretty.  I added them to the breakfront in the dining room the other day and I love how they look.  That blue is just so perfect. 

I would love to know ... do you have a cornucopia you love?  I had never seen one like this and was immediately smitten.  I have not seen another but I will keep my eye peeled for all of you. I think it is amazing. 

Happy Thursday to you all. 💙

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. Hi Paige -- LOVE the pink cornucopia! You're so good at pulling the trigger when you see something you like #noregrets

    I found a pink cornucopia for your readers, but not quite as spectacular as yours -- see link:

    Happy Fall!

  2. Your table is beautiful, Paige. How lucky to find that precious cornucopia. I would certainly leave it up until Thanksgiving. Happy T Day!

  3. My Mom had the same china pattern. My sister and I have since inherited it and I would love more. Can you tell me where you are finding it?



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